Where next-ish: Ladakh, Northern India

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Flights to Leh for our Ladakh trip later this year are finally booked! Markha Valley and Gompas galore, here I come. [An aside: My attempt to buy got flagged as fraud by my bank (by my January flurry of business... Read more

Moving away from Everest ascents, deaths and other disasters to read about more of the same on the next highest mountain - Pakistan's K2. A good run through the British Empire's discovery and mapping of the mountain and attempts to... Read more

The Light Between Oceans - M. L. Stedman

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One of Laura's recommendations from ages ago. I'd got completely the wrong idea as to what the novel would be about, but as it turns out I loved it. Trying to hide my end-of-the-story crying on the tube journey from... Read more

A Ride to Khiva - Frederick Burnaby

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Captain Frederick Burnaby takes a leave of absence and spends the winter months of 1875/76 travelling overland from London to the Central Asian Khanate of Khiva. There's a lot of snow on the Steppes, necessitating travel "entombed by sleigh" as... Read more

Walton Weekend

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We spent last weekend, Friday to Sunday, in Walton on the Naze - enjoying the second of my non-working Fridays. I stopped teaching at St Paul's at the end of the Christmas term, freeing up my Thursdays and Fridays to... Read more

Pondlife: A Swimmer's Journal - Al Alvarez

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North Londoner, author, critic and climber Al Alvarez's diary of his as-daily-as-possible morning swims at the ponds on Hampstead Heath, with occasional trips to the warmer pools and hidden ponds of northern Italy. Over the nine years of narrative the... Read more

Where next: Manaslu Circuit, Nepal

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Destination: Nepal, on a three week Manaslu Circuit trek (excellent map) anticlockwise around the mighty Manaslu (मनास्लु) - the eighth highest mountain in the world (8163 m / 26781 ft). Why: More high altitude trekking in the Himalaya with the... Read more

Fool's Fate - Robin Hobb

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A huge novel which draws together the threads of FitzChivalry Farseer's life and loves, bringing everything to a satisfying - and sometimes sad - close, setting up things nicely for the next (and still being written) trilogy, The Fitz and... Read more

Golden Fool - Robin Hobb

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The politics and intrigue that brought Tom Badgerlock (aka Fitz) and his adopted son Hap back to Buckkeep in the first part of The Tawny Man continue: the betrothal of Prince Dutiful to the Narcheska of the Out Islands coincides... Read more

Fool's Errand - Robin Hobb

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The first novel in The Tawny Man trilogy: in the guises of Tom Badgerlock and Lord Golden, Fitz and the Fool reunite to find the missing heir apparent, Prince Dutiful, who has disappeared on the eve of his strategic betrothal... Read more

Strange Shores - Arnaldur Indriðason

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On one of his sporadic pilgrimages back to the eastern fjords, Erlendur embarks - almost by chance - on the investigation of a woman who went missing in a storm in 1942. An investigation that spurs memories of his own... Read more

All the Vikings - from Hedeby to Palermo and Baghdad to Baffin Island by way of Kiev, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, Constantinople and Al Andalus, plus the more familiar Orkney, Shetland, Hebrides, Ireland, Iceland and England and... Read more

Black Skies - Arnaldur Indriðason

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No Erlendur, and only a few passing references to Elínborg. The focus is on Sigurdur Óli: his relationships, blackmail, wife swapping, Iceland's crazy banking boom and a down and old contact of Erlendur's. For context and more background on the... Read more

Fool's Assassin - Robin Hobb

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Spotted in the library .... mammoth hardback edition, polished off today and necessitating an AbeBooks purchase of the intervening The Tawny Man trilogy to fill in the gap between the end of Fitz's early adventures in the Mountain Kingdom on... Read more

Death of the Demon - Anne Holt

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Following on from Blessed Are Those Who Thirst (but still not spanning the gap up to The Lion's Mouth), Chief Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen is slowly settling into her new role when the manager of a foster home is found sat... Read more

The Bone Clocks - David Mitchell

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Six super chapters spanning six decades of Holly Sykes' life, from Gravesend to Sheep's Head via a Swiss ski resort, marriage and motherhood with a war zone reporter and a succession of encounters with various Atemporals, as the sporadic war... Read more

The Lion's Mouth - Anne Holt

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Long. A bit slow, and by missing out book 3 in the Hanne Wilhelmsen series I'm left wondering why Hanne and Cecilie are on a lengthy sojourn in the US. In Norway, the bigger mystery is who shot the Prime... Read more

Blessed Are Those Who Thirst - Anne Holt

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Short. Good. More time getting to know Norwegian police detective Hanne Wilhelmsen as she investigates outbuildings saturated in blood but without any bodies, and a brutal rape. Publisher page: Blessed Are Those Who Thirst - Anne Holt... Read more

Assassin's Quest - Robin Hobb

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Having been raised from the dead by Burrich and Chade, FitzChivalry and Nighteyes set out in search of Verity, leaving behind all those Fitz loves believing him dead. Author's webpage: Assassin's Quest - Robin Hobb (The Farseer Trilogy 3)... Read more

The Silkworm - Robert Galbraith

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It's been a busy 6 months for Denmark Street duo Private Detective Cormoran Strike and his PA-Assistant Robin Ellacott, with plenty of customers attracted to the rock-star's-illegitimate-son-cum-smarter-than-the-Met solver of the Lula Landry case. Most of them are rich people wanting... Read more

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