H is for Hawk - Helen Macdonald

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One of those books I just had to keep on reading.... devoured in a weekend, interspersed with a 5 year old's Star Wars & Superheroes birthday party in Blackheath and 'babysitting' B&R while T&J were in Stockholm for the weekend...... Read more

The Devil's Star - Jo Nesbø

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The second of my Frinton haul of Harry Hole crime thrillers. This time Oslo faces a serial killer, nicknamed the Courier Killer. Harry faces his demons: drink and despair. Author's webpage: The Devil's Star - Jo Nesbø... Read more

London weekends: 09 & 10 May 2015

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Saturday Drafting a LED blogposts with an update on what we've achieved for #‎NepalQuakeRelief‬, and what still needs to be done. Apposition 2015 at St Paul's School - Prize Day meets a wedding. Sunday LED Facebook page updates on #‎NepalQuakeRelief... Read more

The Redbreast - Jo Nesbø

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Another self-destructive, alcoholic, rubbish-at-relationships detective in a Scandinavian setting. Super! Modern day Oslo, World War II, the Eastern Front and Norwegian Nazis old and new. Just right for a May Bank Holiday weekend read in Walton-on-the-Naze. Author's page: The Redbreast... Read more

The Empty Throne - Bernard Cornwell

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I thought this was the last in the Uhtred saga / The Warrior Chronicles/Saxon Stories / Alfred The Great series, but I finished it and there are still a lot of loose ends.... Turns out book 9 is due to... Read more

Nepal Earthquake - How you can help

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The Tsum Valley area I went to over Easter has been devastated by the earthquake in Nepal - it was very close to the main epicentre in the Gorkha region. You can see how close from my previous post. Val... Read more

London weekends: 25 & 26 April 2015

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Not strictly London, but the earthquake in Nepal became the focus this weekend, with emails to/from/about Val. In other news.... Saturday Breakfast at Trade, near Spitalfields Market - excellent. Tasty menu, and lovely relaxed service. We'll be back. Home via... Read more

Nepal Earthquake

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The earthquake in Nepal has become the focus this weekend. Twitter's #NepalEarthquake is providing an invaluable source of news and I had my first experience of a Google Public Alert. But whilst there is lots of news about the avalanche... Read more

Cordillera Blanca Traverse: People & Prep

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Barney's going to be joining me in Peru this summer for Val Pitkethly's Cordillera Blanca Traverse - w00t w00t!! I also spotted that last summer Mark Horrell did a pretty similar route to our planned one - which he wrote... Read more

The Emperor Far Away - David Eimer

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Former Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph correspondent, David Eimer, takes us on a fascinating tour of the people and politics in China's borderlands - Xinjiang (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Russia), Tibet (India, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar), Yunnan (Myanmar,... Read more

London weekends: 18 & 19 April 2015

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As Samuel Johnson said, When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. So I've decided to start keeping track of how I spend my London weekends. Saturday Birthday brunch at Bad Egg in CityPoint. There are... Read more

One Steppe Beyond - Thom Wheeler

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.... in which young Thom and friend (not girlfriend) Jo drive a 1971 VW Campervan - aka Max - from Tallinn to Vladivostok. An easily readable account of their 1997 adventures in the former Soviet Union. Everyone should have an... Read more

Tsum Valley Trek: Complete

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Back from my Easter fortnight trekking in Nepal in the company of solar lantern engineer Anthony, Hazel and Val. Lots of LED solar lights distributed in the remote villages of the Tsum Valley, fuelled by Tibetan butter tea, tsampa and... Read more

Lost Horizon - James Hilton

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Four westerners are kidnapped from the subcontinent when the aeroplane in which they are fleeing Baskul in India is quietly hijacked and crash landed in the Kunlun Mountains of northern Tibet. The four are taken to the valley of the... Read more

Not strictly 'next' as I've not been on the Tsum Valley Trek yet, but I've just confirmed these as my summer plans... Destination: Back to Peru with Val, to do the Cordillera Blanca Traverse. Why: To trek and climb in... Read more

The King's Curse - Philippa Gregory

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Philippa Gregory' The Cousins' War Series transitions from the Wars of the Roses into Tudor times, using the long and eventful life of Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury. Born Margaret of York, she was the niece of Plantagenet Kings Edward... Read more

Malcolm Slesser's autobiographical account of some of the notable mounainteering, climbing and other expeditions accumulated in his lifetime, interspersed with reflections on safety and risk, character and motivation, a mountaineer's responsibility to the(ir) environment. Unfortunately it featured mainly male friends... Read more

Tsum Valley Trek Prep: News and Views

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Just as countdown to Kathmandu is commencing, a Turkish Airlines aeroplane (semi)crashes at KTM's Tribhuvan International Airport airport, blocking the runway so that nothing bigger than the smallest domestic aircraft can land or take off. Val mentioned it when we... Read more

A Day to Die For - Graham Ratcliffe

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Another book by someone involved in the 1996 Everest disaster, this time British mountaineer Graham Ratcliffe who had joined Henry Todd's Himalayan Guides expedition in his attempt to be the first Brit to summit from both the North (Tibet) and... Read more

In The Cleaner of Chartres Salley Vickers allows us to approach Agnès Morel's story from two directions: we start with her life in Chartres, where we are given a speedy run through her arrival in the town twenty years ago... Read more

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