The Silkworm - Robert Galbraith

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It's been a busy 6 months for Denmark Street duo Private Detective Cormoran Strike and his PA-Assistant Robin Ellacott, with plenty of customers attracted to the rock-star's-illegitimate-son-cum-smarter-than-the-Met solver of the Lula Landry case. Most of them are rich people wanting... Read more

Royal Assassin - Robin Hobb

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FitzChivalry grows up, uses his various skills in the defence of the Six Duchies and to protect King Shrewd and King-in-Waiting Verity from usurper Prince Regal, conducts a clandestine courtship of Molly and bonds with Nighteyes. Royal Assassin - Robin... Read more

Assassin's Apprentice - Robin Hobb

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Recommended by an author in a Guardian article if I remember correctly, and annoyingly the Barbican Library only has the third and final part of this trilogy on its bookshelves... so I bought all three via AbeBooks after I'd sat... Read more

Everest Trek Get Together No 8

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Another "lucky Welsh weather" weekend in Pembrokeshire with Steffi, Dave and Hazel. Friday ran according to the familiar pattern of train to Newport, rendezvous with Dave, Indian curries at Steffi's then onwards to the caravan. Saturday: a beautiful sunny start... Read more

Police - Jo Nesbø

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Picking up where Phantom finishes: Harry* in a coma, at the mercy of recent foes. Chief of Police, Mikael Bellman and his mistress-and-match Isabelle Skøyen are up to their old political tricks, and Bellman's hard man, Truls, is still meting... Read more

Phantom - Jo Nesbø

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Drug dealing Oslo style, and a jump in time from more recent Harry Hole reads to an 18 year old Oleg (always risky reading a series out of order) under arrest for murder - Harry is on the case, in... Read more

Nemesis - Jo Nesbø

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... in which Harry meets super slick bank robbers, an old flame, gypsy artist Anna; Raskol, an Eastern European gypsy mafia boss, now cosily ensconced in Oslo Prison; and new colleague, Beate Lønn, whose fusiform gyrus and family connections can't... Read more

Pigs in Heaven - Barbara Kingsolver

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Taylor Greer and her adopted Cherokee daughter, Turtle, are on the run from Annawake Fourkiller, an attorney for the Cherokee Nation who is challenging Turtle's adoption under the Indian Child Welfare Act. As the Wikipedia page mentions, the book provides... Read more

The Bat - Jo Nesbø

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Our first encounter with Norwegian police officer Harry Hole, set in Sydney following the rape and murder of a young Norwegian woman. Partnered with local Aborigine cop Andrew, a sober Harry helps the Sydney police investigate what turns out to... Read more

The Red Queen - Margaret Drabble

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A novel of two parts, both narrated at times by the ghost of the Red Queen of the title - an 18th Century Korean Crown Princess, Lady Hyegyeong. The first part focuses on her life story, complete with a mad... Read more

Eyrie - Tim Winton

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The darker side of life in Western Australia - the environmental impact of the mining boom, and local government's connivance with it blinkered by lure of filthy lucre; the attempts of a mother to keep her six year old grandson... Read more

A God in Every Stone - Kamila Shamsie

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I loved this book - thank heavens I didn't let the cover put me off (which it almost did). A God in Every Stone is a wonderful mix of archaeology, Peshawar's Gandharan history and also as its time as part... Read more

The Draining Lake - Arnaldur Indriðason

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As Kleifarvatn lake's water level slowly drops - no one really knows why - a skeleton is discovered, tied to an old radio transmitter and with a whole in its head. In parallel with Detectives Erlendur, Elínborg and Sigurður Óli's... Read more

A short novel, with a dollop of fantasy. After a family funeral, our narrator returns to his childhood - in more ways than one. A lovely read. My first Neil Gaiman book. Author's page: The Ocean at the End of... Read more

The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith

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Afghanistan veteran, amputee and Red Cap turned Private Detective, Cormoran Strike is asked to investigate the apparent suicide of a young model, the adopted daughter of Sir Alec and Lady Bristow, by her (also adopted) brother John, whose elder brother... Read more

The Martian - Andy Weir

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Sci-Fi hit doing the rounds, borrowed from Phil. Lots of science, explaining how mechanical engineer-cum-botanist Mark Watney survives on Mars after his fellow astronauts reluctantly leave him for dead. Best thing though was how natural the writing was in his... Read more

Cockroaches - Jo Nesbø

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Harry Hole is sent to Bangkok to investigate the murder of the Norweigan Ambassador in a brothel. What could possibly go wrong? Walton weekend book No. 3. Well, started in Walton. Finished in London. Author's page: Cockroaches - Jo Nesbø... Read more

Apple Tree Yard - Louise Doughty

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A strong female protagonist, living a middle class family life in present day London with glimpses into the corridors of power, academic careers, and trials at the Old Bailey. A real page turner. Walton weekend book No. 2. Author's page:... Read more

W is for Wasted - Sue Grafton

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It's the autumn of 1988 as we near the end of Sue Grafton's Alphabet series. Kinsey Millhone gets a photocopier (tech development!), investigates the death of a down and out on the Santa Teresa beachfront, and finds more family. Walton... Read more

I called a halt on Roger Deakin's much loved Waterlog. I'd just has my fill of swimming in the rivers, lakes and beaches of Great Britain. I may dip into it again... In the meantime, take a look at Waterlog... Read more

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