Merivel: A Man of His Time - Rose Tremain

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It's 1683 and in our second encounter with Sir Robert we find him 15 years older (and probably a little wiser) than first time around as remembered in Restoration. He's living in his Bignold estate with his daughter Margaret, active... Read more

V is for Vengeance - Sue Grafton

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Within a couple of pages I *knew* I'd read this before - but it's not on sparkly. Oh no, The System has failed!! Oh well. A notch up from the usual easy reading crime capers featuring SoCal private eye, Kinsey... Read more

Samarkand - Amin Maalouf

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A slow read, in keeping with the languorous style, but that alone does it account for the time between finishing my last book and this. In between I've read a few of Phil's LRBs and dipped into danah boyd's It's... Read more

Pavement Poetry on the South Bank

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I regularly walk along the South Bank in the early morning, jostling with the joggers training for the marathon and construction workers on their way to Sea Containers House. As well as appreciating that sunrise seems to be getting earlier... Read more

This has been on my reading list for a while, and I was tempted into spending some of my 3K leaving present Waterstones gift token on a copy... Having read it, I would rather have borrowed a copy from the... Read more

Mt Toubkal Winter Climb: photos and notes

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Photos and notes from my February half term holiday: the Mt Toubkal Winter Climb courtesy of Exodus*. A fun introduction to crampons and ice axe, walking and climbing(ish) amidst beautiful snowscapes and fantastic scenery in the High Atlas mountains of... Read more

Back from a stunningly sunny Spring weekend in Herefordshire, with Hazel and chauffeur Catherine. On Saturday, we soaked up Friday night's drinks-on-arrival with a nice big fry up for brunch before heading over the border to Abergavenny where we made... Read more

Last Places - Lawrence Millman

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I persevered for two nights, but have given up at page 22. Based on the blurb, this book is right up my street - 20th century man follows in the footsteps (wakes, really) of 11th century Vikings in their travels... Read more

Restoration - Rose Tremain

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Not the most obvious book to take along on my Mt Toubkal Winter Climb, but this well told tale of one man's redemption in Restoration England suited me well for the flights to and from Morocco, and for a few... Read more

Mt Toubkal Winter Climb: Magic

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My Mt Toubkal Winter Climb courtesy of Exodus was fab - a really great group, varied but we gelled, and a fantastic local team led by Mohammed (cue Canadian drawl: "Mo - haaam - ed") supported by Hussein-the-guide and Hussein-the-cook.... Read more

Bedsit Disco Queen - Tracey Thorn

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Tracey Thorn's wonderful autobiography - if you're a child of the 70s, read it and reminisce. It's fascinating to follow the twists and turns of Everything But the Girl's lives, professional and personal, and to get a glimpse of the... Read more

I went to my first "big" London concert since.... oooooh, too long ago to remember last night. Rosa's main Christmas present was a pair of tickets to Taylor Swift's RED Tour, and I was selected to be her +1. The... Read more

I've really enjoyed this collection of sci fi short stories drawn from across the decades. I almost took it back to the library unread - I'm glad I didn't. There's an interesting mix of themes (and lengths) including time travel,... Read more

Mt Toubkal Winter Climb: a week to go

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The preparations for my Mt Toubkal Winter Climb are underway! Weather A couple of weeks ago I went looking for info about the Refuge du Toubkal / Neltner Refuge (3209 m / 10528 ft), which is our base during the... Read more

Back from Burma ....

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... for over six weeks now [in early November 2013, when I started this post], and I'm only just writing about it. Why? Well, I know it's probably heresy, but I wasn't that wowed by the experience. I'd rank Burma... Read more

Sarah Thornhill - Kate Grenville

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Sarah Thornhill is an example of historical fiction which feels like a reflection of the reality of the time - although the author's Acknowledgements suggest that this is a controversial position: Sarah Thornhill, youngest daughter of emancipated convict William Thornhill... Read more

The Ruby In Her Navel - Barry Unsworth

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Not quite as good as the blurb suggests with its references to Umberto Eco's In The Name of the Rose and Booker Prize long listing, but 12th Century Sicily is a different setting from any other Crusader era historical novel... Read more

On The Map - Simon Garfield

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A very readable jaunt through (largely western) map history and the societies that created, treasured and used them for both practical information and prestige. Interleaved with the main, chronological chapters short Pocket Maps highlight smaller snippets of map-lore and theory,... Read more

Capital - John Lanchester

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From one of the least densely populated parts of the globe to one of the most as John Lancaster's novel is set a south west London during the months leading up to August 2008's global financial crisis - much more... Read more

The New Northwest Passage - Cameron Dueck

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Subtitled 'A voyage to the front line of climate change', The New Northwest Passage is Hong Kong-based Canadian Cameron Dueck's account of sailing eastwards along and around North America's northern most coast - the islands and inlets, straits and sounds... Read more

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