Adieu, Movable Type

After almost 15 years of using Movable Type to run SparklyTrainers – and with Phil‘s expertise –  I’ve moved to WordPress.

I’m pretty familiar with already, as I use it to run the Light Education Development website.

Time for a fresh look and responsive design – based on the Twenty Sixteen template, with some customisation courtesy of Phil.

The end of an era …..

Movable Type log out page
Adieu, Movable Type

Love and Louis XIV – Antonia Fraser

In the words of Rachel, who lent it to me, Antonia Fraser’s biography of Louis XIV really does help you to make sense of all the ladies in the Sun King’s life (and in Versailles).

As well as explaining complicated dynastic connections and relationships, political and personal ambitions, and the still pervasive religious context, Love and Louis XIV elucidates on matters of etiquette and protocol at the 17th century French Court.

Author’s webpage: Love and Louis XIV – Antonia Fraser

Love and Louis XIV - Antonia Fraser