Peru Prep

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As end of term approaches, I've been making my final preparations for Peru - I've got money from M&S, travel insurance from Campbell Irvine, trekking poles and pillow from Hazel and puzzles galore from Catherine. And the bank has made... Read more

At last, a proper page turner after two less engrossing reads.... I've developed a real love of nature/travel writing, and Robert Macfarlane's meditations on ancient pathways on land and sea bring together landscape and wildlife, modern politics and ghostly sacred... Read more

The People's Act of Love - James Meek

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Perhaps you need to have read more classic Russian novels than I have (sum total: 0) to appreciate James Meek's international bestselling, Man Booker Prize longlisted novel. I just found it a bit of a slog, in spite of the... Read more

Everest Trek Get Together No 5

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Just back from a weekend in West Wales for the fifth biannual Everest Trek Reunion (photos on Flickr). A fab weekend with Hazel, Steffi, Dave and Jake featuring walking, eating and drinking and a stunningly sunny Saturday. I have returned... Read more

A backfill entry and not really "photos and notes", more of a summary of the four weeks when I caught up with Hazel on her South American adventures, travelling south from Santiago to Patagonia and back again in November/December 2003... Read more

Ice Land - Betsy Tobin

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An Icelandic setting for a historical novel-style retelling of part of the Norse myth Sörla þáttr featuring feather cloak clad goddess Freyja, the four dwarf brothers of Nidavellir and creators of the Brísingamen, and Fulla and Vili, star-crossed young lovers... Read more

Body Count - Barbara Nadel

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Çetin İkmen unwillingly enters his pre-retirement year only to face months of frustration chasing a serial killer claiming victims on a monthly basis. As it becomes clear that the crimes involve both the Roma community and Ottoman aristocracy, İkmen and... Read more

Between January 2008 and July 2013 I took photos of the redevelopment of the Barbican Estate's Milton Court site, as I passed by along Speed Highwalk on my way to work in CityPoint. The photos are all housed in my... Read more

Blood from a Stone - Donna Leon

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When an African vu cumprà street seller is shot in Venice, Brunetti's investigations lead him to diamonds, conflict in the Congo and corruption in Rome. Publisher page: Blood from a Stone - Donna Leon Author website: Donna Leon... Read more

.... aka a very fine way to spend a sunny Saturday morning and early afternoon, as the photos attest. Up early, Phil and I set off to walk to the Counter Cafe by way of Regents Canal and the Hertford... Read more

A backfill entry, pulling out the narrative from the photos in my Morocco via Madrid - April/May 2010 Flickr set (which I see I must now learn to call an 'album'). Phil took some beautiful photos - as he says,... Read more

Charlotte Higgins tours different regions of Britain to visit key Roman sites and talks about the related Roman (and 'British') history, the archaeological and documentary evidence and literature, plus the 'rediscovery' and interpretation in the modern era. It sounds a... Read more

We're back from a lovely 11 days at Walton-on-the-Naze, making the most of the Gyford family caravan and beach hut. Naze Tower, Walton on the Naze Lots of reading and DVD viewing, plenty of chocolate and cake courtesy of Easter,... Read more

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

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A cracking read. A how / why dunnit that starts off as who dunnit, with husband Nick quickly coming into focus as the main suspect when his perfect wife, Amazing Amy, disappears. The interview with the author at the end... Read more

Flight Behaviour - Barbara Kingsolver

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The consequences of climate change and society's various responses to it are explored through the prism of an autumn / winter /spring in the Appalacians when millions of monarch butterflies arrive out of the blue. As events are narrated by... Read more

Angels Flight - Michael Connelly

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Set in late 1990s LA, against the volatile backdrop of the Rodney King murder and the not guilty verdict in the OJ Simpson trial, Harry Bosch is working alongside partners Kizmin Rider and Jerry Edgar on the murder of a... Read more

The Forgotten Waltz - Anne Enright

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An Irish affair between Seán and Gina, accompanied by the peak of the property boom and then the collapse of the Celtic Tiger, told in parallel with the journey by Seán's daughter Evie from childhood epilepsy into early adolescence. Publisher... Read more

Mourning Ruby - Helen Dunmore

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Rebecca and Ruby Rebecca and Joe Rebecca and Adam Rebecca Adam and Ruby Rebecca and Mr Damiano Mr Damianao and Bella Joe and Olya Will and Florence Loves and losses, all beautifully told. Author page: Mourning Ruby - Helen Dunmore... Read more

On Beauty - Zadie Smith

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Living in Wellington - an hour north of Boston - the British American Besley family comprise Keke and her art historian professor husband Howard, their three kids - Jerome, Zora and Levi. On Beauty explores relations between the Belseys and... Read more

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