Medusa – Michael Dibdin

Unlike recent reads, I really enjoyed this Aurelio Zen mystery, although the man himself didn’t make an appearance until well past page 40. Set in the independent minded mountain borderlands between Italy and Switzerland, this Zen outing provides a darker by more credible plot stetching back 30 years, and Zen’s sleuthing reveals relationships and careers … Continue reading “Medusa – Michael Dibdin”

And then you die – Michael Dibdin

A bit disappointing this one, especially as I walked straight into the spoiler resulting from the previous instalment in Aurelio Zen’s career and life. I won’t do the same to you, dear reader! Suffice it to say, that this novel lacked the strong characters that have populated Aurelio Zen’s world to date, and Michael Dibdin … Continue reading “And then you die – Michael Dibdin”