Murder in the Hindu Kush – Tim Hannigan

Very readable account of the life (and death) of Victorian explorer, George Hayward, with lots of “probably”s thrown into a history of The Great Game in the far west of China and the Princely States that the British Empire ceded to Pakistan and India, combined with a whodunnit murder mystery. After a short biography covering … Continue reading “Murder in the Hindu Kush – Tim Hannigan”

More Hindu Kush Adventure photos

Taken by Rob and now available on his Rob’s Journeys Flickr pages. So we get to enjoy his Skardu adventures (vicariously at least).

Hindu Kush Adventure – Photos finished

… and available in my imaginatively named “Hindu Kush Adventure” set on Flickr. Day 1 (28 September 2006): Depart London on overnight BA flight to Islamabad Day 2 (29 September 2006): Arrive Islamabad, drive to Peshawar Day 3 (30 September 2006): Peshawar Day 4 (01 October 2006): Khyber Steam Train up the Khyber Pass Day … Continue reading “Hindu Kush Adventure – Photos finished”

Back from the high Hindu Kush

Home from my 18 days on the Hindu Kush Adventure – shared plenty of both in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province and Northern Areas with a bunch of crazy ladies (Ali, Amanda, Ann, Annie, Joan, Thelma, Trisha) , and honourary ‘girl’ Rob, with Benedict, Stan and Zafar guiding the way. It’s a really beautiful part … Continue reading “Back from the high Hindu Kush”

Hindu Kush Adventure

I’ve been looking for a Big Trip for later this year for ages, and having re-read World Expeditions‘ Central Asia and Iran offerings I wasn’t so convinced that they were right for me. So back to the drawing board (aka going online), I took a look through my “Planning” links, and returned to the Wild … Continue reading “Hindu Kush Adventure”