Sharpe’s Fury – Bernard Cornwell

“… in which Captain Sharpe has to protect a philandering diplomat and, deserted by his ally, faces the enemy” (as the blurb says), with the part of the philandering diplomat going to Ambassador Henry Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington’s younger brother, and Colonel Henri Vandal being the enemy sought by Sharpe and his men during … Continue reading “Sharpe’s Fury – Bernard Cornwell”

Sharpe’s Devil – Bernard Cornwell

Subtitled Richard Sharpe and the Emperor, 1820-1821 and set predominantly in Chile in the twilight days of Spain’s South American Empire, and on one of the South Atlantic’s more famous islands, St Helena, Sharpe’s Devil sees Sharpe and Harper reunite for one last hurrah. Their mission, to find – dead or alive – old friend, … Continue reading “Sharpe’s Devil – Bernard Cornwell”

Sharpe’s Escape – Bernard Cornwell

The lovely people at the Barbican Library had to get this one on inter-library loan for me – the one copy the system claimed to be held on their shelves was last borrowed in 2004, and as the librarian astutely observed, “It looks like that copy’s gone walkabout”. Now Captain, Richard Sharpe and the South … Continue reading “Sharpe’s Escape – Bernard Cornwell”

Sharpe’s Rifles – Bernard Cornwell

Newly-made Lieutenant Sharpe, a strong box of secrets, a Spanish Major and snow. Oh, and the first encounter between Richard Sharpe and the South Essex, including Pat (not yet Sergeant) Harper… things do not start well…. Yes, it’s the start of the Sharpe series as we know it! links: Sharpe’s Rifles – Bernard Cornwell … Continue reading “Sharpe’s Rifles – Bernard Cornwell”

Sharpe’s Triumph – Bernard Cornwell

At last! I bridge the gap in the Indian years of Sharpe’s saga – and get to read about that first fated meeting between Sergeant Sharpe and Major-General Arthur Wellesley at the Battle of Assaye. A brilliant read, although I wish I’d got Sharpe’s Fortress still to come. Mind you, Martin tells me there is … Continue reading “Sharpe’s Triumph – Bernard Cornwell”