Easter Sunday Evening

Have spent today painting the roof terrace railings – and have black gloss spotted hands to prove it. 8pm on Easter Sunday and zero zippo tv for the rest of the night – bah humbug. all i want to do now is veg out and nothing’s on and nowhere’s open.

Plus just picked up an email from Hazel, and Riobamba sounds much more fun – complete with bulls and hair-raising travel to and from. Hope she has pics!

Dad and Jean sent me a cooking timer for my birthday – so once i get the hang of this timing business, I should be able to offer carbon-crispy-free-cuisine. yeah right. That’s about as likely as me getting my cambodia photos done (which was one of the plans for this second half of the Easter bank holiday)

Phil’s mum and dad got me a Thornton’s easter egg so I’m going to eat that now….

The plan for tomorrow is to give the hall it’s ivory top coat, I think… dad’s coming on 12-14 May to do DIY, which I’ve just realised might clash with when hazel’s lodging, but i’m sure we’ll work it out…. hmmmm, in fact I bet he’d appreciate a second pair of hands!!! Can’t see H being quite so keen!

OK, just before I log off, time to channel hop in seach of someting better than dodgy 50s Darling Buds Of May clone.


…that or snooker…

………or heartbeat………

……………….gawd – american idol…..

dire all dire….

Right – that choc egg calls