Post-Mortem – Patricia Cornwell

Still manic at work, so a bank holiday weekend at Forty Acres offered the perfect opportunity for restocking from the second hand bookshop and the Paperback Exchange, sadly shutting down (but that allowed for plenty of purchases at rock bottom prices). I raced through this over the bank holiday weekend at Forty Acres. The first … Continue reading “Post-Mortem – Patricia Cornwell”

Predator – Patricia Cornwell

Another unsettling whodunnit featuring Dr Kay Scarpetta, this time with heavy emphasis on the psychological aspects – particularly Benton’s criminal profiling and the long term affects of child abuse. As the plot unfolds, you soon realise that you’re not at all sure who exactly is watching who. link: Predator – Patricia Cornwell list: … Continue reading “Predator – Patricia Cornwell”

Point of Origin – Patricia Cornwell

Another purchase from Hereford’s second hand/charity shop – as was All That Remains – and another random dip into the world of Dr Kay Scarpetta. This time I found myself somewhere in between All That Remains and Black Notice – the last two Patricia Cornwell novels that I’ve read. Come the end of the book, … Continue reading “Point of Origin – Patricia Cornwell”