Alt Key Codes

Personnel still have a bee in their bonnet about not being able to type in names and addresses with accents etc. Their ideal solution would be to have a keboard with all the foreign characters and accented characters on the keys. – see entries passim.

It came up again today in a vendor presentation, so I decided to google “Alt Key Codes”. First up was David R. Wilson’s cribsheet (Google HTML version)

So now I’m going to test those key codes in Oracle…..

Burning Man 2002

My holiday snaps are up in my photobook!

Busy captioning them in spare moments at work.

09 February 2014: Photos now found on Flickr, Burning Man 2002.

As far as I can recall, this is what we did:

24 – 25 August 2002: preparations in San Francisco
26 August 2002: driving from San Francisco to Reno via the BMCCC Carson City lock up
27 August 2002: driving from Reno to Black Rock City for Burning Man 2002: The Floating World
27 August – 02 September 2002: Burning Man 2002: The Floating World
03 – 05 September 2002: Lake Tahoe
06 September 2002: San Francisco
07 September 2002: Santa Clara / Sunnyvale

(Another collection recreated following Fotopic’s demise)

Sony Trinitron Multiscan Monitor

This is the monitor I bought when I left eSouk and which I use at home. Having finally got Windows Me installed on my PC (thanks Pete!) I faced the unexpected additional task of finding a driver for it so that the PC recognises it. Without that the monitor is of only minimal use. It “works” all right, in the sense that it displays information, but it is ony working at something like 16 colour lelvel (I’m stretching the current limits of my techieness here), which means that I can’t use the canon zoombrowser software to download digital photos from my Ixus. Very annoying, very frustrating.

Anyway, googling on “sony trinitron multiscan 200ES driver” brought me no joy, so I sought PeteSupport…..

> Subject: monitor ‘mare
> Hello!
> i’m back from hols and trying to get that durned monitor display sorted.
> I checked the monitor and it’s a
> sony trinitron multiscan 200ES
> Model CPD200EST, manufactured July 1999
> I googled for “sony trinitron multiscan 200ES driver” to no avail.
> can you help…..?
> m
> xx

which elicited:

>> I think you need the driver linked to from here. You need to register, but it
>> is free registration.
>> Pete


(well, it will be if and when I receive my user ID and password from


As part of my analysis into using email to circulate newsletters etc, I went to talk to the elexica editor, Jonathan Maas, yesterday. He mentioned that he subscribes to LegalWebWatch, so I’ve just emailed their editor asking to be added to the mailing list(s) for the IT / TMT sector. On verra.