Gainsborough and the Turner Prize 2002

Monday ended up on a lighter note, as Janette and I went to a corporate sponsors’ private viewing of the Gainsborough exhibition which included access to the Turner Prize 2002 exhibition at Tate Britain.

The exhibitions were ok, but I wouldn’t bother paying to see them with the crowds. The gainsborough in particular doesn’t live up to it’s marketing hype. Well, unless you’re an art historian, I suppose.

Peter Beadles – who are you?

I got spam at [personal email address deleted to prevent further use by spammers] from “Peter Beadles ([personal email address deleted to prevent further use by spammers])” and in my agitation went through the yahoo spam notification routine (I pick up my [domain deleted to prevent further use by spammers] mail at work using Yahoo’s popmail service), which I fear now means I and possibly Tom and dad’s will be blacklisted by Yahoo 🙁 and possible more widely :[

I’ve mailed them via a feedback form, but it looks like they only really care about impersonations which use a yahoo address. and I recall Cait being less than impressed by their customer service. bummer.

Glistening Gherkin

I know the title sounds like a porn movie, but I’m referring to the new Norman Foster designed “skyscraper” which is emerging amidst the City cityscape.

Walking to work this morning, on a gorgeous crisp, sunny, albeit slightly fog-hazy morning, I could see the fish scale cladding gleaming in the sunlight, a few layers higher up than this time last week. It makes a welcome focal point for my morning constitutional.

Until I googled for “gherkin london” and found this BBC Online article I hadn’t realised that it was being built on the site of the bomb-blasted Baltic Exchange. Sadly, Foster And Partners‘ own site isn’t very informative on current projects – the most recent date I could spot was 2000. Oh – I tell a lie – a little more random mooching and I’ve found the Gherkin Project aka Swiss Re Headquarters.

28 days later……

….is a very scary film.

Myles, gent that he is, sat through my hands-at-the-ready-for-hiding-behind performance during the 2 hour film by Alex Garland (storyline – The Beach) and Danny Boyle (director – Trainspotting). Excellently shot, with some nice cinematography (strobing the “Rage” attacks) and amazing scenes. In particular the early ones of a deserted London were amazing, not just in showing Westminster Bridge, the House of Parliament, Picadilly, Trafalgar Square and the City all devoid of any sign of life, but also because of the lengths the crew must have gone to shoot these scenes. There can’t be many hours of daylight when central London isn’t awash with humain activity!

It gave me nightmares on Saturday night too. Although possibly aided and abetted by the most MSGy chinese meal I’ve had in years. The nightmares have since been superceded in the 4am graveyard slot by futile fretting about work/career.

I’m just not cut out for horror movies.