Monday 04 November 2002

Before heading over to Forty Acres for the weekend, Phil and I went up to TJBR’s for dinner. After I’d judged the Tooth Brushing Competition (my prize – FTP 6’s set of Vamprie Teeth – were not deemed an acceptable alternative to the items identified in the Argos catalogue with a turned down corner), Barney wanted to know which of his cars was the fastest, and what was the fastest car in the world…… I displayed my complete lack of Guiness Book of Records (and popular scientific) credentials by claiming it was the Bluebird (in which Donald Campbell set the world water speed record in December 1964 – 276.3 mph on Lake Dumbleyung in Australia)

So my mission this lunchtime was to do some research on the web…

AND Just Look What I’ve Found!!

ThrustSSC set New World Record

Speed: 714 MPH
Where: Nevada’s Black Rock Desert – aka where I spent a dusty 6 days earlier this year at Burning Man
When: 25 September 1997
Who: Andy Green and the ThrustSSC team

My only concern, is that ThrustSSC doesn’t really look like a car…. but it does now reside in the Museum of British Road Transport, in Coventry.

Pity it’s just a bit too far to go this weekend…..

Ruth’s Mum’s Sticky Toffee Pudding


– Pudding –
4oz margerine
12oz white sugar
2 eggs, beaten
16oz self raising flour
4 oz dates, chopped
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1 pint boiling water

– Toffee Sauce –
1 pint double cream
16oz dark brown sugar
8oz butter

makes enough for 12


12″x12″ deepish dish for baking
large mixing bowl
smaller mixing bowl/jug
wooden spoon
2pt+ saucepan


– Pudding –
1. Mix water, dates andbicarb in a bowl and leave to stand whilst you make the cake mix.
2. Cream margerine and sugar until fluffy
3. Beat in eggs gradually
4. Fold in seived flour
5. Stir in date, water and bicarb mixture. The dates will have absorbed some but not all of the water. Stir it all in to create a fairly runny mixture
6. Bake for 1 hour at the top of a hot oven (375F, 190C)

– Toffee Sauce –
15 mins before you want to serve the pudding, start the sauce
1. Melt the butter and sugar together in a pan
2. Add the cream
3. Heat slowly to bring to the boil
4. Pour a little over the pudding and brown under the grill

Serve with vanilla icecream to counter the richness

Sunday 27 October 2002

An incredibly blustery day, and Helen Weber’s Birthday! Or, as I should be accustoming myself to call her, Helen Denton. Hosted by Hazel, with assistance from yours truly, we celebrated with a comfort food lunch with Helen and Charlie, Bruce & Roopa (and Bump), Penny, James & Henry.

Plenty to eat and drink, with Henry showing an early grasp of that essential toddler ploy “offer to walk around with the crisps, and you can help yourself en route”. But no photos – and I even took the Ixus round to H’s with me, together with 2 chairs, 1 large saucepan, icecream, bicarb, fizzy water, cutlery, baking dish, margerine etc etc etc

==Menu ==
Bangers (Asda Gourmet. Yes, I got Hazel to cross the A.S.D.A. threshold) and Mash, with Delia’s Red Wine Sauce for Sausages, and Baked Mushrooms and Garlic
Ruth’s Mum’s Sticky Toffee Pudding, with B&J DIY Vanilla Icecream
Selection of chocolate mints – not that anyone had much space left after seconds (and still some left to spare!)

(see what you missed Phil!)

A phone call from Laura resulted in her arrival as a surprise guest later on in the afternoon. Scuppered by the storms, which “justified” the closure of most of the Virgin lines (and as I discovered when I tried to nip to B&Q/Homebase in Wandsworth Town, all routes in and out of Waterloo), Laura opted to sit out Ian’s attendance at the Boss’s only show in the UK chez nous. So we all vegged and chatted and finished off the luncheon leftovers and assorted beverages, half watching Sunday night comfort telly. All very pleasant and snooze inducing.

Just the right time of year for…. ICE CREAM!!!!

Basic Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

2 large eggs
? cup (170g) normal white sugar
2 cups (475ml) heavy or whipping cream (milk fat content between 30% and 36%)
1 cup (235ml) milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
Makes 1 quart (can anyone tell me what that is in”real money”? Imperial or metric.

Electric whisk (or hand whisk and lots of stamina!)
Large mixing bowl (for whisking & chilling in)
Ice cream maker
Tubs (for freezing and keeping in freezer in)

1. Whisk the eggs in the bowl until light and fluffy (1-2 minutes)
2. Whisk in the sugar a little at a time, then continue whisking until completely blended (about 1 min more)
3. Mix the vanilla essence, milk and cream and pour into the egg/sugar mixture and whisk to blend
4. Transfer mixture to an ice cream maker and freeze following the manufacturer’s instructions

Note: This is taken form a US recipe, so I’ve converted measures and ingredients into UK equivalents as far as possible

(For Chris, in case the attachment doesn’t get through!)

for the BEST ICECREAM RECIPES EVER – get the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Cook Book