Diary – Wednesday 31 July 2002

Kissing Jessica Stein with Janette accompanied by Nestle copies of magnum and a cornetto icecreams, and an impromptu encounter with Phil and David in the foyer; they were off to see Ivan etc complete with strobe lights.

Good girlie film, strong characters but then I’m no critic. I enjoyed it without having to work out why.

We walked to Waterloo via the new Hungerford footbridge – how long before I drop the “new”? – and admired the Eye from the safety of (almost) sea level. Janette hadn’t seen the bridge before. We wondered how both Hungerford footbridges and the ‘new’ Millennium Bridge will change the pedestrian circulations around London, and in particular the flows between the north and south banks for the Thames.

Diary – Wednesday 31 July 2002

Just done a DNS look up on the IP address from Mark’s comment on Saturday. Sorry to use you as a guinea pig Mark, but this is the first true life example I’ve had of an instance when I can use geeky (?) things I heard about, but never tried…. and then I tried the S&S IP address too. Fascinating (for me!)

Diary – Wednesday 31 July 2002

EEK! I received my first comment on MT Sparkly today, and it was from another m loosemore!!

I’m dying to take the vanity line of questioning… i.e. how did you find it! I mean it’s not as if anyone ever found www.sparklytrainers.com before (a good think seeing as for most of it’s existence all it had was a holding page put up by Tom when he registered the domain. I’ve just googled on loosemore, and Sparkly hasn’t come up in the first 17 pages….

I can remember the first time I googled my surname, Google brought back 4 pages of hits, mainly Sandra Loosemore’s pages suggesting an unusual combination of interests: figure skating – frogs – origami.

i’ve just googled on “Mary Loosemore”, and there’s “about 289” hits.

It’s weird knowing someone else is actually reading this. I’d not expected anyone to discover it for a while. In some ways it’s a good thing to have to assess now what I want to achieve in doing MT Sparkly. I’ve a feeling it’s going to be a diary, with “extra bits”. The extra bits being admin things (boring meter readings and the like so i’ve got my facts and figures to hand when battling with hapless call centre staff), work-related jottings and comments on things i learn and use at/for work or think I might find useful. My personal portable, shareable know how bank.

The diary bit is a bit vain, don’t you think? and a bit boring. But it helps me get into the habit of making regular entries here and makes me learn more of the features, and to identify different ways in which I can use MT Sparkly. For instance, I’ve decided not to use it for uploading photos. I’ll continue to use fotopic for that, and link from here to collections or individual photos on my fotopic site.

Ah well, lunchtime’s over…..


One of the online resources I find useful at work is TechoLawyer. I subscribe to a few of their newsletters, and rate TechnoGuide and LLRX as good sources of information on IT issues in the legal environment.

TechnoLawyer is predominantly a US legal community at the moment. That’s still useful, given that the old dotcom adage that, where technology is concerned, looking at the US is a bit like looking into our own UK future a couple of years hence. In any event, I’ve not found any comparable source of information for UK Legal IT, although uklit, a yahoogroup for IT Managers and Directors from UK law firms, comes closest, but still no cigar.

July 22’s TechnoGuide had two items of interest to me.

The first was a request for advice on email newsletter tools and mail-list-management-meets-newsletter-creation tools. Interesting as devising recommendations on how to provide our BUMs (Business Unit Marketeers, believe it or not) with the controlled/controlable wherewithal to create and despatch ’emailshots’ is one of my current projects.

The other item of interest was in the New Topics section; Bloggers wanted!

>>>copy + paste<<<


Below you’ll find new discussion topics as well as the
corresponding Master Topic, the approximate distribution
date, and suggested questions. Once we receive a Post on a
new topic, we schedule a Topical Compilation.

1. Bloggers Wanted (08/08/02)

(Master Topic: Collaboration/Knowledge Management)

a. What is a Blog and why should lawyers care?

b. Please list and discuss your favorite public Blogs.

c. How does your firm use Blog technology?

The above questions are just suggestions. Feel free to
discuss any aspect of this topic.

Respond to this Topic:

>>>/copy + paste<<<

And that got me thinking; why not use this, my blog, to record my learnings and make them more widely available and personally portable. ‘Hey maybe I’ll tell the guys at TechnoGuide that!’ urm, probably not!

Diary – Monday 29 July 2002

Hot ‘n’ sticky day, slow to rise and only settled down at my desk at 9.15. Had early call to visit Chris to go through his comments on the scanning paper, which were roughly as I’d expected, i.e. long (a plus and a minus), and some additional details/suggestions, to make it even longer. Once I’ve taken in and digested it all and spewed it back out again as carefully constructed prose, it’ll go before the ITC in Oct.

Phew. Sitting here on the 19.48 to Windsor & Eton Riverside, via CJ… hotter and sweatier than is pleasant – that’s me and my fellow passengers.

I’d started home via Covent Garden, intent upon buying that pair of buffalo trainers I’ve been nurturing a growing keenness for. The shop manager, aka the London-and-UK manager gave me a top tip for getting a pair without having to pay the online ordering shipping charge. Perhaps he makes the same covert subterfuge suggestions to all his just-before-closing customers… only one way to find out! I also received a detailed account of the origins and growth of Buffalo, and the recent amicable divorce from Buffalo GmbH.

I was on the verge of putting my escape plan into action when noticed a tall, lean young man had entered the shop – ’twas Phil! Lovely, lovely 30 minute interlude, wandereing along Neal Street and around Covent Garden, cooling down with an M&S calippo c(l)one. Phil having headed off to yoga, I strolled on to Waterloo along The Strand and over the new Hungerford footbridge (taking pics as I crossed).

Plan is to head home to enjoy a lazy hour or so on the roof terrace, tidying up this revo-writing. H’s houseplants can wait until tomorrow morning for a water. I hope…

[interlude, marking arrival at CJ]

‘Just nipping into Asda en route’, always a mistake. Still, the result was a bargain haul of reduced veg and korma sauce, plus another George top. For the past hour I’ve sat out here on the roof terrace as the dusk darkened into night-time, serenaded by the whirring o the M&S aircon units and eavesdropping on my neighbours alfresco telephone conversations. Cool breezes move more freely than they can indoors, and the night sky glows orange with metropolitan light pollution. But not bright enough for me o see my laptop keyboard, and I’m not proficient enough at touch typing to continue composition. Time to adjourn to the lounge.

I hope we catch some of the perseids over the weekend.