Diary – Wednesday 24 July 2002

A bitty day so far (17:40).

– additional phone point installation by “Horizon Aerials” engineer, Russell (2 hours)
– hence quick n easy route into work (aka out of rush hour train+tube combo)
– 1 hour of work (batting off emails from the SST notaries and IT director)
– LUNCH WITH PHIL at the First Out Cafe, TCR. V.G. (yes, Phil’s back from Philly. So watch these entries peter out. Rapidly)
– Back for a 90 minute show and tell from Info Services on how to dig out Company Info
– Tea and SiroopenWafelen, with Haddockmails for company
– Back into Scanning Review Hell, finishing off those visio and mindmap diagrams, with David Gray on the headphones

…. and 45 mins until I’m due to meet TC and SJ at Futures for a mini eSouk revisited drink. Back to work!

Topics for expansion:

[listening to “dodgy” music]
[writing abuot phil here]

Diary – Tuesday 23 July 2002 (3)

Result! Alex (Big Brother 3) rinses his jars with hot water from the kettle to get the last dregs out too! Vindication is mine!!

Ooooh – just watching Newsnight as I upload, and Sanger Centre biotech researchers feature. No Matt though 🙁

– yes, i’m home and i’ve succumbed to MT Sparkly.

Diary – Tuesday 23 July 2002 (2)

A funny thing happened on the way to the tube…well, more of a funny photo missed due to absence of camera; a massive digger-cum-crane arm delving into a cavernous side door at the Bank of England. It looked like they were extracting rubble though, rather than bullion.

Time for another note to self: carry your camera as you carry your cash and cards.