Intrepid Cambodia: It’s going great!!

I’ve have just eaten a huge khmer veg and tofu curry, and am fit to burst, or maybe that is due to the big bottle of Angkor beer I had with it…. I passed on the deep fried spiders thankyouverymuch! i’m not kidding!!!!

Each day is packed with new things, and having 10 new people to get to know and to get along with, not to mention the challenge of trying to communicate with the Cambodians we meet on the way, means that the days feel fuller than the itinerary suggests.

Blue blue skies here, temperatures in the high 20s and low 30s, and I got sun burned the day before yesterday to prove it (doh!), on top of a morning express boating along the Mighty Mekong from Phnom Penh to Kampong Cham (map) which left me with a rosy red face 🙂 not quite so red now, thank heavens. En route from from Phnom Penh we visited some off the beaten track towns and temples, and as a consequence have done lots of smiling and waving and “helloing”, and riding pillion on motorbikes.

It’s a good trip – bit of an odd mix of people (10+leader), but not bad, and probably less oddball than any trip which takes people away for the Christmas holiday has any right to be. We’ll be spending Christmas Day in Sihanoukville, down by the coast and on the Gulf of Thailand.

We’re now in Siem Reap which is the town 6 km from Angkor Wat, where all the tourists base themselves for their X days in the temple sites. It’s a bit like going into Alton Towers, with tourist buses pulling up at the toll booth, disgorging passengers who get their photopass tickets and then climb on board again to be ferried to their site-du-choix.

We spent the morning on a bumpy bus ride from our overnight stop at Kampong Thom, and the afternoon at one of the Angkor Wat sites – lovely detailed carvings of everyday Khmer life in the 12 century… and great big faces carved onto the temple towers – in honour of the king who commissioned the temple. Next door is a vast frieze of elephants doing what elephants did in the 11 century – hunting, carrying, warring….

We’re here until Saturday morning, with tomorrow a full day’s Angkor Watting, Friday a half day, with the afternoon free to do what we want, which for H and I will involve a Seeing Hands massage (blind masseurs, Japanese massage) from 4-5pm.

And back in PP before the trip got underway, we bumped into Miss Universe at the Russian Market, as you do….

And I’ve taken lots of photos!!

Intrepid Cambodia: Holidays!

Been googling for our hotel in Bangkok (and was caught “sucking up all our bandwidth!” by Nick…) to get maps and an idea of location. All I could remember from Pip’s info was that it was near the Siam Square stop on the new Skyrail link, which didn’t exist last time H and I were there.

It turns out that the Asia Hotel, Bangkok is quite a swanky hotel! Plus I’ve found info on getting to/from the airport, and a cribsheet for Thai numbers….. num song sam etc etc etc.

korp khun ka!

Oooh – and googling on Phnom Penh, I’ve also found some stuff on Phnom Penh, including our intrepid hotel. And a lovely map of Phnom Penh (even if it is a gif).

Hen Weekend Questionniare

Emma Weber asked for a copy of my Hen Weekend Quiz. Here it is, in all its[insert name of bride-to-be here] glory!!

[insert name of bride-to-be here] Quiz
In honour of [insert name of bride-to-be here]

And 50 minutes later…

It’s well and truely time for bed…… after an enjoyable mammoth session of backfilling SparklyTrainers. I’m sure it’s not The Done Thing, but hey.

Which reminds me, I got my first Christmas card today – from Fiona, Greg and Ewen. Those anglo-aussies, they always get in ahead of the last posting dates!


I know I know I know that I should have made a will by now, but the fact is that I haven’t. But as and when I do, I’ll definitely use the resources available here at WillAid, as pointed out by Alastair. I’ve printed off the planning pages and will cogitate on my collected earthly possessions, and what to do with them (so as to achieve maximum tax efficiency and inheritance planning, of course) over the weekend.

Hmmm, except that the weekend is looking pretty full, with Christmas shopping scheduled for Saturday day (getting hold of things for people who’ll need to receive a little something to keep them going until we get back from Cambodia…Phil), with carpet threshold edging laying and disused curtain rail holders removal fitted in sometime before heading back into town for Bridget’s Birthday. That’s scheduled to start off in a relatively civilised style at Pasta Browns in Covent Garden, and in all likelihood descending into drunken mayhem in a bar thereafter!

And on Sunday I’m set to spend the afternoon with Tom and Jo, Barney and Rosa. Here’s hoping I won’t have a hangover – I’ve not suffered too greatly for a while – if you discount the grogginess which featured the Saturday after the Danny’s Here! drinks the other Friday. I only had 4 bottles of beer!!!