Diary – Saturday 10 August 2002

Went up to see TJBR on Saturday afternoon, and they were all, bar Jo, awful! B&R hyper and overtired after a birthday party featuring a ball-pond and too much sugar & fizzy drinks, bro because he’d got the beginning of a nasty cold. which i think I’ve now got too….

Discovered we had to take a rail replacement bus from London Bridge to Peckham Rye to get to Kirsten and Mark’s.

I prefer the bus, not because it’s airier or because I feel claustrophobic – although I detest the commuter cattle carriages which operate on SWT enough to consider moving within walking distance of work – but because I like seeing how London fits together. It’s an upwards spiral – you need a certain familiarity with London’s layout in order to catch the bus, and the more you take the bus, the better your understanding of London’s geography is.

Diary – Friday 09 August 2002

My trainers arrived!! Yaaaay! Not au fait with the cause of my excitement? I’m planning to put picture here.

Main find of the day was the new transport for london site.

When did it change? At last, an integrated journey planner!

I just did a search for getting from Finsbury Park (train etc interchange closest to bro) to Peckham Rye station tomorrow, and it’s come back with a great route in a really clear display (which doesn’t cut +paste) and description:

18:30 Finsbury Park
Take Bus W5 towards Macdonald Road to Archway
Station Stop: C
Buses every: 12 min.
Max journey time: 29 min.

Archway Station
Walk to Archway.
Transfer time: 6 min.

19:05 Archway
Take towards Morden to London Bridge
Transfer on foot.
Av journey time: 21 min.
Transfer time: 7 min.

19:29 London Bridge
Take South Central Trains towards Beckenham Junction
to Peckham Rye
Av journey time: 8 min.

19:37 Peckham Rye

you can enter from/to details as a station/stop, an address, a postcode, a place of interest.

I’m sold!

Played (and broke) ZeldaChat

Met Phil outside Liverpool St, and caught the bus back to Hackney, where we finally watched ‘the best episode of Angel ever’ – I’d say that it suffered from a bit too much hype and delay-generated anticipation for its own good.

Diary – Sunday 04 August 2002

After amazing sheet lightening and rain storms, complete with thunder during the night and early morning, we emerged to breakfast al fresco outside on the deckchairs – just like the blue ones we used to have at the cottage – it must have been the standard Argos offering c 1980! The sun got stronger and the ground dryer as the day progressed, so we took sandwich materials, teabags and dry matches to the beach hut feeling very Famous Five, and spent the afternoon sitting on the beach, looking out to sea, at bronzing families and beach boulers, yachts and speedboats, reading Shogun (quelle surprise) and Cities of Civilization (Phil). Hot enough for lashings of sun tan lotion and bottles of water. Late lunch, no icecreams, even with a shop within 40 paces!

We returned to the caravan as the afternoon cool set in and the dark clouds gathered ominously again. Fantastic having a beach hut to throw all the deckchair type paraphernalia into. The skies didn’t seem so heavy back at Naze Marine, and we pottered and read and tidied before walking to the station, just missing the 6.30. Strawberries helped to pass the time until the 19:15 trundled off to Thorpe-le-Soken and onward to the urban sprawl of East London, depositing us at Liverpool Street Station.

Caught the tube home via Clapham Common and the No 37 bus, getting a ‘I’ve gone to bed, shattered’ sms from Hazel en route. Detoured into CJ station to buy a cheese and mushroom West Cornish Pasty – slightly disappointing as always – and dispensed with unpacking in favour of bed and book and pasty. Asleep before 11pm – a befitted a weekend of slumbers!

Diary – Friday 02 August 2002

Almost the weekend. *Almost* time to head out to Walton on the Naze for a weekend with Phil. Can’t wait.

but in the meantime…..

…. work featured business management system (friction/unwillingness) and – yes, you guessed it – The Scanning Report!!

Peter did show me his text-to-speech program though. It’s a free download from ReadPlease. Featuring “Mary”, so he gets “me” to read my documents and emails tohim. Very drole. Very good though.

If you have ReadPlease2002, have you tried clicking on your reader’s face….?

Oh, and in searching for a good W-on-the-N site, i found this (including info for all you would-be broadband users out there) and the google directory entry.

Just tried to order from Dabs again, looks like it’s gone through this time…. fingers crossed.

Jax got in touch! She’s moving to Cape Town! Josephine is fine and dandy and fighting fit!

Diary – Thursday 01 August 2002

Pinch! Punch! First o’ the month!

(that always pisses Hazel off. Or at the very least elicits a heavy sigh)

Bleary rise without any shine due to more late night Shogun reading, and attempts to buy digital camera extras from Dabs (battery, CF card and CD-RWs) failed miserably for some reason 🙁

Met Lindsey after work (although Lucy did bring me Stella sustenance from the S&S soiree) and we headed back to hers via Tesco’s for supplies of pizza and ice-cream for a girls’ night in.

Home for more Shogun, but only after packing for the weekend…..