Digital Photo Slide Show

Clinton gave me a copy of the Irfan viewer he’d found for his Mary last week – perfect for “powerpoint” sliding through my photos which I’ve got here at work. I’m planning to accumuate the 2002 collection and then save to CD.

In the meantime IrfanView32 will do me just fein – might evendownload it at home too!

Lazy am, manic pm

Lovely lazy a.m. with Phil, chez Phil, before going our sep ways around 1pm…. me on the 38 to Angel; Phil to the oher side of Hackney Road, heading for timber merchants in Stoke Newington.

I purchased cable ties for Burning Man in a shop off Chapel Market, then walked along Upper Street to Highbury & Islington tube, heading north on the Victoria line 1 stop to Finsbury Park and straight onto a W3 to fire station stop which splits Park Avenue North and South.

T was at home alone when I knockled on the door and feeling sorry for himself – “got a cold”. JBR returned from a manic birthday party soon after and it was straight into aunty mode until persuading them to bed – with a volcano story for Barney.

Had relaxed dinner regaling tom and jo with tales of Burning Man. Quite strange given that Tom went last year – we had very different experiences!! But then again (smug), I’m better handling the heat than he is. Heard about thier garden revamp plans and looked at the drawings. It’ll be fabulous.

Off to Suffolk tomorrow for Sunday lunch with Jo’s aunt and uncle (?maybe of the Albutt variety) Penny and Alex. I really enjoy spending time with TJBR, but it is exhausting.

Alt Key Codes

Personnel still have a bee in their bonnet about not being able to type in names and addresses with accents etc. Their ideal solution would be to have a keboard with all the foreign characters and accented characters on the keys. – see entries passim.

It came up again today in a vendor presentation, so I decided to google “Alt Key Codes”. First up was David R. Wilson’s cribsheet (Google HTML version)

So now I’m going to test those key codes in Oracle…..