Pissed off with TheTrainLine

Booked my super advance train ticket to dad and jean’s last night, only to realise that 31st Jan is the IT Department Christmas Party (cheapskates + management disinterest => January festivities) so the plan to spend the first weekend in Feb at Dinedor was a no go. Oscillated between saying sod it to the party, and rescheduling weekend with pops, finally settling on the latter. Checked that the following weekend was OK with dad and Jean – no earlier options being available due to their jetset lifestyle (off to see Kate and Warwick in the Cayman Islands) and bought another £30 ticket on thetrainline.

And then I went to look up what the procedure is these days for refunds, only to discover that they charge £7.50 cancellation administration fee, whereas if I’d changed my ticket details the charge is only £5 (which is what I was expecting). That pisses me off. OK, I’ll concede that half the annoyance is that I didn’t check first, but evenso….. I’d say it’s a disguised penalty for cancelling rather than an admin cost, seeing as when the issue a revised ticket you have to send the previous one in to be cancelled before they send you your new one.

Pepys’ Diary

Whilst I was away, Phil was busying himself realising his idea for doing Samuel Pepys’ Diary as a weblog, combining one man’s personal account of daily life during the 1660s with 21st century technology to produce a truely accessible, bite size social history resource.

He revealed it (www.pepysdiary.com) to Haddock just after Christmas, and it was picked up by high profile blogs far and wide… resulting in a request from BBC News Online that he write a piece for their Technology section on ‘Why I turned Pepys’ diary into a weblog’ (written last night as Hazel and I pored over Cambodia photos, with half an eye on the first episode in the new season of Sex and the City).

Coo – I’ve got a famous boyfriend (well, in the webworld anyway!). And I’m really really pleased and proud for him because it is a great site – a decade of a daily dose of Pepys, with links to biographies of people who feature in diary entries, and similar additional information on places mentioned, together with really handy links to maps from Streetmap.

Intrepid Cambodia

Spent the morning sorting through my digital photos, and uploading them to my fotopic album, which carries the title Intrepid Cambodia.

My favourite digital photos:

A Reflective Angkor Wat
Family Sparkler Duel
_That_ bill!
The Bike Ladies
The moonrise at Pre Rup
Me at Ta Prohm (or is it Preah Khan?)
Busty Ladies at the Terrace of the Leper King
Angkor Thom causeway guardian
Strangle tree at Sambor Prey Kok

Phil, Sarah, Sally, Kathy, Stefan, Francis, David, Eddie and Steve, if any of you are reading this, can I just say that I had a great Christmas with you all, and in fact a fab 15 days on the trip.

Hazel has already made sure our combined collection of 16 rolls of film has been developed (I shudder at the snappysnaps cost….) and provided I can fudge another few days not working at work the other side of New Year, I’ll scan in the best ones and add them to the album. If you want to set up one of your own, just go to fotopic.net, register, and follow the instructions!

It’s freezing here in London – looks like Hazel and I lucked out landing to 12C yesterday morning. It’s max 4C here today, cf 33C in Phnom Penh. Not that we’re at all jealous of those of you still enjoying yourselves in Thailand, Laos, KL and elsewhere! I’m looking forward to being wined and dined by myPhil 🙂

December 2012: Following Fotopic’s demise, I’ve uploaded the photos onto Flickr – Intrepid Cambodia, December 2002

Intrepid Cambodia: Home Sweet Home….
Intrepid Cambodia: Birthday Beers in Battambang
Intrepid Cambodia: It’s going great!!
Intrepid Cambodia: Holidays!

Intrepid Cambodia: Home Sweet Home….

….said with heavy irony.

24 hours after taxiing from the Puncak to Phnom Penh airport, Hazel and I landed in rainy LHR after an unimpressive series of flights with Lufthansa. Won’t be flying with them again.

Feeling miserable and have no desire at all to be sitting at my desk at 12:15, with it still raining outside and my inbox reduced to a long and tedious To Do list. I’m downloading my photos from my ixus, but tbh, seeing photos from the three weeks in Bangkok and Cambodia just making matters worse.


Birthday Beers in Battambang

Am too pissed on Angkor beer to be coherent – celebrating H’s 32th with a beeeeeeeg meal and many bottles of beer and a great cake! surprise from the tour leader.

Had a v cool day hanging off the back of a bike, and driving through rural villages – doing the queen thing, waving and saying hello to the locals. sounds tacky? but was ace. and then we rode home on the railway, but not on a train, more of flat bed bamboo screens with a DIY lawn mower engine power alternative.

Lots of fun!

So, as you can tell, having a whale of a time on our Heart of Cambodia trip.