Making a STAND on ID Cards

STAND picks up issues where they think that people who are reasonably techie might have a useful opinion that might otherwise be ignored.

Their current campaign aims to address the apparent imbalance between the public consultation exercise conducted by the Home Office and the one-sided views presented by those consulted so far. ID cards will affect everyone in the UK – don’t you feel that you should have heard something about the proposals if we’re edging closer to adopting them?

I do.

If you’re reading this, then you’re online, and you’ve probably got a certain amount of experience of and awareness about how often your personal data is collected and used…. and how often it ends up in the places where you’d never expect. Now just imagine what happens when you have a single unique identifier that anyone can use to correlate data on you…..

A lot of the problems of the ID card aren’t about how it’s been used in the past, but how it will be used in the future, and how the government plans to get there.

If you have an opinion, STAND have set up an easy-to-use means of joining in the consultation process. And at the end, you have the additional option of sending a copy to your MP, via the awarded-winning Fax Your MP.

The consultation ends on 31 Janaury 2003.