I know I know I know that I should have made a will by now, but the fact is that I haven’t. But as and when I do, I’ll definitely use the resources available here at WillAid, as pointed out by Alastair. I’ve printed off the planning pages and will cogitate on my collected earthly possessions, and what to do with them (so as to achieve maximum tax efficiency and inheritance planning, of course) over the weekend.

Hmmm, except that the weekend is looking pretty full, with Christmas shopping scheduled for Saturday day (getting hold of things for people who’ll need to receive a little something to keep them going until we get back from Cambodia…Phil), with carpet threshold edging laying and disused curtain rail holders removal fitted in sometime before heading back into town for Bridget’s Birthday. That’s scheduled to start off in a relatively civilised style at Pasta Browns in Covent Garden, and in all likelihood descending into drunken mayhem in a bar thereafter!

And on Sunday I’m set to spend the afternoon with Tom and Jo, Barney and Rosa. Here’s hoping I won’t have a hangover – I’ve not suffered too greatly for a while – if you discount the grogginess which featured the Saturday after the Danny’s Here! drinks the other Friday. I only had 4 bottles of beer!!!

Feeling Better!

Had an excellent night’s sleep for the first time in days (nights?) last night after a really nice evening with Phil and his sister Sue. That said, things started off badly, due to my tardiness and tiredness, but by the time Sue arrived everything was heading back towards normality and my guilty/emotional/over-tired tears were dry. And I was the proud owner of a Richer Sounds brochure…. DVD player or VCR? What should I go for…..?

Japanese crispy shelled peanuts (I must find out the technical term for them) and olives from Phil’s corner store set us off on the right track, and our chef got to work on a scrummy risotto courtesy of Nigel Slater as Sue told us all about her holiday to the Falkland Islands – penguins penguins and more penguins. Plus a few sheep and people for good measure.

Indulged in a TV dinner, watching Celebrity Big Brother for the first time, and celebrating the votes for Anne Diamond. Finished off the evening with a videoed episode of Buffy – one of the weird info-filling ones where the episode’s plot is sacrificed to the greater series storyline.

I’m sitting in the library writing up my idiot’s guide to setting up and running an email newsletter. Usually it’s as quiet as the grave up here, but there’s a trainee receiving a refresher course on doing company research…. which is a bit distracting 🙁 so I’m taking time out to check my email, catch up on some Sparkly Trainering – and to sit up straighter. I’ve been getting twinges in my back over the past few weeks, and sometimes I’m conscious that I’m walking strangely to avoid putting any pressure on the pain points. Not A Good Thing. So I’m trying to get into good posture habits.

Ooooh – refresher’s finished!! and she’s leaving lamenting the fact that she worked to midnight last night and did an all nighter on Friday and tonight’s looking like it might be the same. Lawyers are so crap at project management; managing their time and their tasks, their client’s expectations and their own team. It’s always a mad last minute panic, when really they are well placed to manage the whole deal and to determine the timeframes and timescales. And to kick ass when people don’t deliver on time. Instead they let themselves be victims, working all hours to meet other people’s deadlines. I guess it makes them feel needed, and thus important. I don’t miss it at all.

And here endeth today’s stream of consciousness!

Feeling crappy

Another late night due to insomnia until 2am. pah. Although I don’t feel as bad today as I did yesterday. Maybe that’s due to the impact of a second day’s heavy morning caffeine intake.

I spent last night with Hazel doing her appraisal and my values etc grid. And then reading, trying to sleep, reading some more, getting up to finish off the pineapple, reading some more and then finally snoozing off sometime after 2am. On the plus side, at least it gave me an excuse to finish off Paul Aster’s [Tales of American Life], which I thoroughly enjoyed – even the spooky stories.

It’s annoying that I can’t figure out what’s causing it – I’m not cousciously worrying about anything 🙁 The only things I can think of is that it might be early anticipation of the trip to Cambodia, or perhaps the work situation is niggling away beneath the surface still.

Whatever the cause is, I wish it would GO AWAY!


I had a really good weekend with Laura visiting, but am feeling a leeetle tired today as a result. Two late nights and both partyish nights at that. Friday with Phil at Stef’s 30th+3, with snail’s pace bus journeys as the traffic crawled through the Old Street/Shoreditch road works and lots of waiting in the stairrod rain, and then drinking and dining and then drinking some more on Saturday evening through to Sunday morning with Laura and Hazel. Discovered a great Italian restaurant about 5 minutes from Clapham Common tube, which we shared with a raucous table of italian ladies on a hen night (definitely a good sign!!), and that SoshoMatch on Tabernacle Street is open to 3am, and only charges £3 for the priveledge, plus no queue. Definitely a bonus compared with other places we check out on our walking tour of Trendy Shoreditch bars.

And we really did induldge ourselves on the gastronomic front, being ladies who lunch at Fortnum & Mason’s on Saturday lunchtime (We walked it off around Bond Street and the other expensive shopping areas before heading home to CJ though), and a restorative Banana Leaf Canteen at 3pm on Sunday (after slowing coming to with the help of Hollyoaks and a double helping of Dawson’s Creek.

I’ve not really done much navel gazing on the career front, but I plan to tonight. and to do boring minutes for our freehold co meeting before R.I.T. gets on my case.

And if I get chance I’m going to buy a signal booster from argos for my telly. I’m planning on this one by LabGear. Selected on the basis that it sounds like it does what I need, it looks nice, and it’s cheaper than the other one.

Food Glorious Food

Met Kate and Janette for a veggie lunch at The Place Below, which is the place whose recipe book I raised for last night’s luxury comfort cuisine created for me and Phil. I’ll freely admit that I’m a poor cook – a legacy of not being in a position to practice my Tudor Grange Home Economics skills at university, and not really being interested in cooking for one thereafter. Still, Ragout of Wild and Field Mushrooms proved simple and relatively speedy to create – handy given that Phil made it to my front door before I did….