A Question of Belief – Donna Leon

Commissario Brunetto and Ispettore Vianello are enduring the dog days of a super heated Venetian summer when they find out that Vianello’s aunt is giving the hard earned family savings to a psychic. Two days later Brunetti is paid a visit by his old friend Toni Brusca who brings with him papers that suggest that all not well with the Venetian legal system…

Their investigations lead Brunetti and Vianello to Signor Fontana, a court clerk universally acclaimed as A Good Man and Signora Montini, a lab tech at the local hospital who until recent years had been regarded as A Good Woman. Although there is no link between them they share some characteristics in common, being plain, unassuming hard workers, whose personalities seem to have changed unexpectedly over the past few years.

However just as Brunetti starts to gently dig into the worrying goings on at the court, Signor Fontana is found bludgeoned to death and a whole new set of possibilities emerge.

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