Lots of Love – Fiona Walker

Another chick lit gem (uh oh – I think I’m becoming addicted to trashy fiction for the 20/30something market)

As the blurb says, “Easy reading and lots of romping”, with a strong female lead and a bad boy with the X-factor as her will they/won’t they perfect match.

Courtesy of a couple of late nights, and avid reading on the bus to and from work, I got through this blockbuster in 3 days, and I’m all set to dig out another Fiona Walker when I next visit the Barbican library.

But what do I read now ….. ?

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One thought on “Lots of Love – Fiona Walker”

  1. Hi Hairymary,

    I absolutely LOVED lots of love by Fiona Walker. One of the best books I have read in a long time, I couldn’t put it down for 2 days, it even went to work with me for sneaky reads here and there when no one was around.

    Highly recommended. The only downside to this book is that I got to the end and wanted more more more!!! Great characters and a must read.

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