Dr. Johnson’s London – Liza Picard

Almost ‘too much information’ about London in the mid-18th Century

Bite size chunks of history, social and economic, about London as it was 250 years ago, and the Londoners of that time. Some things remain surprisingly familiar:

“Hackney coaches had been plying for hire in the streets of London for 200 years. By 1711 there were 800 licences issued in the City alone…”;

whilst others amuse:

“another traditional ploy took place on Twelfth Night. People used to stop and stare into the windows of pastrycooks, at the gorgeous Twelfth Night cakes on sale. As they stood, boys sneaked up and nailed their clothes to the wooden shopfront.”;

and others enlighten:

” The expression ‘old hat’ should be avoided, as it was one of the countless synonyms for ‘a woman’s privities’.”

An accessible yet fascinating book. Perfect for both the early morning commute and the bedtime read. And there are pictures too!

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