H is for Hawk – Helen Macdonald

One of those books I just had to keep on reading…. devoured in a weekend, interspersed with a 5 year old’s Star Wars & Superheroes birthday party in Blackheath and ‘babysitting’ B&R while T&J were in Stockholm for the weekend… which included help with revising Of Mice and Men.

But I digress.

A ….

wonderful book about Helen Macdonald’s love of falconry and her experiences in the first year of training her goshawk, Mabel (from the Latin amabilis meaning lovable or dear)

… intertwined with …

a biography of T H White (of The Once And Future King fame) and his Gos

… and…

a loving, grieving eulogy for Helen Macdonald’s father, Fleet Street photographer, Alisdair Macdonald (you’ll recognise some of his photos).

Make sure you have a hanky / tissues at the ready as you read. It’s a real weepy.

Publisher page: H is for Hawk – Helen Macdonald

Cambridge News – Cambridge author Helen Macdonald on grief, goshawks, and her best-selling book, H is for Hawk, 7 September 2014.