Lost Light – Michael Connelly

Our hero, Harry Bosch, has now retired from the LAPD; his years as a detective having made him well versed in the underbelly of Californian life. With time on his hands, and no one to share it with, he carries on sleuthing, looking into cold cases which his (former) fellow officers have no time to pursue. Harry’s unofficial investigation into the murder of a young woman who’d worked in the film industry brings him into contact with a former colleague paralysed in the course of duty, the FBI, weathly film financiers… and although Harry ties up everything at the end, there’s an unexpected twist which left me wondering where things would go next!

Amazon.co.uk tells me that Lost Light is book 9 in the Harry Bosch series, and that book number 2 (next on the library list) is The Black Ice, so that leaves at least seven more installments to track down, starting with The Black Echo. Plus I’d never realised Amazon had these “Series” pages…. very handy!

Amazon.co.uk link: Lost Light – Michael Connelly