The Naming of the Dead – Ian Rankin

With all eyes on the G8 summit at Gleneagles mass protests in support of the Make Poverty History campaign hit Edinburgh…. and bring Siobhan’s somewhat hippie parents north of the border for the first time. Siobhan is torn between spending time with her folks and pursuing her big breakthrough opportunity after she finds the remains of a murder victim’s clothing at a Clootie Well close to Gleneagles, which suggests there’s a serial killer on the loose targeting released rapists.

Rebus meanwhile, inching ever closer to retirement, is warned off hijacking Siobhan’s investigation, and from delving too deeply into the unexpected early demise of a minor politican who falls to his death from the walls of Edinburgh Castle.

There’s politics and current affairs galore in The Naming of the Dead plus the equally tricky, emotional and powerful territory of family relationships too. link: The Naming of the Dead – Ian Rankin