The Seabird’s Cry – Adam Nicolson

The Seabird's Cry - Adam NicolsonWhilst I am not a fan of getting up close and personal with birds, over the years I’ve become more interested in the spotter side of things. Weekends in Walton and Pembrokeshire whetted my appetite for learning more about the birds I see on visits to these coasts.

Adam Nicolson’s book is brilliant. It’s a series of detailed dives into the fascinating world of ten different sea birds, some familiar – gulls, cormorants, Manx shearwaters and puffins (thanks Steffi!), albatross (thanks Sue!); other less so – razorbills and fulmars. Each relativity short and very readable chapter covers that bird’s biology and evolution, history and scientific study, society and relationships, lives and travels. Above all, their travels are astounding.

Recommended, even for the reluctant avian nature lover.

Publisher page: The Seabird’s Cry – Adam Nicolson