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Early Warning – Jane Smiley was my 800th blog post on Sparkly Trainers Reading.

Entry No. 1 was Best Rainy Day Book Ever – Richard Scarry back in July 2001 when I added my three favourite books to the now defunct Haddock Review.

Taking a look back over the past 15 and a bit years, my most read authors are:

and my category counts are:

I turned off the ability for people to add Comments in 2011 by which time Reading had accumulated 124 comments. The entry that received most comments was The Riders – Tim Winton (32), closely followed by Cloudstreet – Tim Winton (30). No reflection on the quality of my reviews, simply a side effect of the Australian English Curriculum!

The numbers for the past five years are a bit “same same but different” – still lots of speedy crime reads (mainly in a foreign setting) and historical novels, but with a few new names, and Science fiction / Fantasy making an appearance*:

Here are the Category counts for the past five years:

  • Biography and autobiography (33)
  • Chick lit (9)
  • Crime fiction (86)
  • Espionage / Thriller (2)
  • Historical fiction (83)
  • History (23)
  • Modern fiction (63)
  • Other places (28)
  • Science fiction / Fantasy (15)
  • Too tricky to categorise (7)

And finally, here’s what I’m currently reading ….

… and have on my bookshelf, ready to be read (and in no particular order):

Now I’m wondering if I need a Nature category….


* More accurately a reappearance: I devoured SF&F as a teenager – Isaac Asimov, Anne McCaffrey. Historical novels were a firm favourite then too – Anya Seton, Jean Plaidy (I’d no idea that was a pen name!).