Hotel World – Ali Smith

Serendipity led to my actually finishing this one… I started it over the Bank Holiday weekend in Walton (to take my mind of horrendous period pain and my first Open University assignment, a truely unenjoyable combination), and found it too depressing to persevere with until yesterday. A post-TMA 1 shopping trip with Hazel, spending her money on things for her post-transformation pad, meant I needed something to read on the bus, and Hotel World was all I had (cue another trip to the Barbican library). And having managed another chapter, the Guardian had an article on top 50 books as voted for by Hay festival goers (I think), which ranked Hotel World highly.

So I finished it last night.

I can see why it’s rated – It seems well written, and the variety of perspectives well grounded and insightful – but I think first person narratives about death aren’t really ever going to be my cup of tea.

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