M is for Malice – Sue Grafton

It has taken me a while to finish this one, partly because about three chapters in I knew that I’d read it before. Still at least I was equally sure I couldn’t remember the outcome of this instalment of the Kinsey Millhone series – where Kinsey is hired by her long-lost cousin Tasha to find black sheep of a Santa Theresa family whose recently deceased patriarch had made fortune from his quarrying and building materials business. With those key features, it felt rather reminsicent of the one where Kinsey investigates a family crime in a family run business – E is for Evidence, I think.

Anyway – whilst I’m still enjoying Sue Grafton’s progress through the alphabet in her telling of Kinsey Millhone’s career and personal life, I do get the feeling that these middle ones are a bit filler-like. I wish she’d work out what to do about the family back story, seeing as I know no more about them and their view of Kinsey than I did when they were revealed four books ago.

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