Silk Dreams, Troubled Road – Jonny Bealby

A great story of Jonny’s travels, on horse back as far a possible, from Islamabad to the Caspian via Kashgar and the wilds of Central Asia.

As he acknowledges throughout the book, Jonny brought some of the trials and tribulations on himself, embarking on the trip still raw from the breakup with the girlfriend with whom he’d planned the adventure. Instead he is accompanied by 23 year old Londoner Sarah, who he’d selected at short notice – the TV company funding the trip were doing so on the premise that it would result in video diaries and a documentary featuring Jonny, his girlfriend and the romance of the old Silk Road.

There are great anecdotes and adventures, with vivid descriptions of the characters they meet and the difficulties they all face, but perhaps the biggest story is the fragile relationship between Jonny and Sarah. Inevitably this book shows Jonny’s take on things – which makes me want to track down the series that did eventually get broadcast. link: Silk Dreams, Troubled Road – Jonny Bealby