The Concrete Blonde – Michael Connelly

I’m clearly into to a crime patch at present, what with Donna Leon, my first Val McDermid and even the so-so The Island of Lost Maps: A Story of Cartographic Crime.

Still, it’s nice to come back to old friends like Connelly’s Harry Bosch, particularly when you find them in an early part of their life. In The Concrete Blonde, Harry is on trial for the murder of Norman Church, the man LAPD had identified as a serial killer years back, and whom Harry had shot dead, he says in self defence. Fast forward a few years to the present, and LAPD are called in to investigate when the body of a blonde woman is found, buried under concrete poured after Norman Church’s demise, but bearing all the signs of the original serial killer …. And then there’s Harry’s love life to consider… link: The Concrete Blonde – Michael Connelly