The Drop – Michael Connelly

As he contemplates retirement, Harry Bosch finds himself embroiled in ‘high jingo’ when local politician – and ex chief of police – Irvin Irving insists he investigate the apparent suicide of Irving’s only son, George, at LA’s iconic Chateau Marmont hotel.

Having just read Nine Dragons, finding out here that Chu and Bosch ended up as partners wasn’t actually that much of a surprise. In The Drop their partnership hits the rocks when Chu spills details of their high profile murder investigation to a journalist at the LA times. Kizmin rider is another key character from Bosch’s past, now working with the LAPD high ups a long way from her time as Bosch’s partner in RHD.

Alongside their investigation into George Irving, Bosch and Chu are also carrying out their day job as detectives in the Open-Unsolved Unit, investigating the murder of student Lily Price almost 30 years earlier. The new Regional Crime Lab has matched the DNA found on Lily’s body…. but the man identified would have only been 8 years old at the time….

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