The Last Coyote – Michael Connelly

It’s back-to-back Bosch, still set in his (relatively) early years. There’s a noticeably sombre note to The Last Coyote, with Harry’s beloved house condemned and due to be demolished after an LA earthquake, and the relationship that emerged during The Conceret Blonde having bitten the dust. What’s more, Harry has been suspended from duty for attacking a senior officer, and in therapy on pain of the ultimate sanction: dismissal.

Prompted by an early session with his therapist (we’re not a million miles away from The Sopranos here) Bosch decides to look into the still unsolved murder of his mother. Orphaned at 12, Harry spent his teenage years in juvenile hall, before ‘escaping’ to military service in Vietnam…. and so this 30 year old murder utlimately underpins his solitary streak and maverick approach to solving crime.

In classic Bosch style, despite having had to hand in his badge and his gun, Harry calls in favours and bends the rules until he finally finds out the killer’s identity. Excellent. link: The Last Coyote – Michael Connelly