The Last Precinct – Patricia Cornwell

Part of the Frinton haul, this hardback copy travelled to Herefordshire to be the first of my holiday reads.

It covers some of the events in Dr Kay Scarpetta’s life story prior to those I’ve read before. It was good to get some of the key background, in particular the emergence of The Last Precinct, and Dr Scarpetta’s departure from her beloved role as Virginia’s Chief Medical Examiner.

Lots of murders to explain, and emotional angst on the part of Kay and those close to her as she has to extricate herself from position as prime suspect. I wasn’t so keen on Jaime Berger, the high powered NY District Attorney, but on the other hand we do get a lot more detail on la famille Chandonne, and Rocky, Pete Marino’s black sheep son.

I do think that it would have been better to have read its immediate predecessor, Black Notice, first however. That said, I’ve yet to read the episode in which Benton dies… link: The Last Precinct – Patricia Cornwell list: Kay Scarpetta Collection (in order)