The Monster of Florence – Magdalen Nabb

My first foray into the Florentine world of Marshal Guarnaccia. A less self assured investigator than Aurelio Zen or Commissario Guido Brunetti, but Magdalen Nabb makes you fully aware that this self effacing family man is highly valued by his colleagues and others.

That said, The Monster of Florence wasn’t that easy a read – the complicated plot featured lots of dastardly Sicilians with similar names and complex connections, as suspects into a series of ritual killings of courting couples that had spanned several decades. Even with the added advantage of Guarnaccia being Sicilian by birth himself, having reached the end of the book I still wasn’t sure “whodunnit”, but that’s probably due to having read the book piecemeal as bedtime chapters rather than in one long stint. link: The Monster of Florence – Magdalen Nabb

One thought on “The Monster of Florence – Magdalen Nabb”

  1. Not an easy first novel of the author to start with. It’s very different to the other novels for a number of reasons. The case was ongoing at the time of writing and the author had investigated herself who she believed the true perpetrator of the crime was. The case had spanned many years and involved a series of false imprisonments and alleged corruption being a high profile case. At the time of writing the latest in a series of wrongly accused perpetraors was released. The writing of the book closely followed the case and for this reason, is probably a much heavier and complicated read than her previous and subsequent novels.

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