The Other Side of You – Salley Vickers

A lovely book – the kind where when you get to the last page you return to the start again and read everything with fresh insight. As with other Salley Vickers’ novels, art comes to into play, ending up centre stage – I really enjoy the vicarious art education I get from her books. And if you’re reading the hardback, take note of the dust jacket.

I had not realised that Salley Vickers had a former ‘life’ as an analyst; I presume she has drawn upon her experiences from that time in writing The Other Side of You, particularly in capturing the characters, their stories and inner thoughts and self analysis. It’s not a happy book, but I found it a real page turner – given the opportunity I would have read it in one sitting. Instead it was evenings and a train/replacement rail journey between St Pancras and Milton Keynes. link: The Other Side of You – Salley Vickers