A is for Alibi – Sue Grafton

I still can’t believe that I managed to get through all of the Kinsey Millhone novels (the ones published so far at least), in order, without having actually read the first in the series!!!

Well, I’ve remedied that glaring omission. Before I started A is for Alibi, I wasn’t sure whether to expect the familiar scene setting and key character sketching that opens most of Sue Grafton’s series or some deeper background detail backing up developments that have emerged over the 19 novels to date.

In fact it was the former, but with some interesting quirks for those readers who are able to look into Kinsey’s future. There is an early and for me unexpected appearance by a strangely unfamiliar Robert Dietz, and the development of other, more fully formed, characters who are destined never to appear again – Arlette the lady motel owner in particular. The same goes for events – unless I’ve forgotten references to Kinsey shooting someone, or of her narrowly escaping being murdered by a recent lover….. and none of these are elements that feature frequently in the series as a whole!

It’s not the best of Sue Grafton’s novels, but it is by no means the worst (or to be more accurate, the one I liked the least). More importantly, it is the first of the alphabet series which makes it the best place to start if you’ve not read any others so far, and one that you’ll need to read if you have.

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