An Evil Cradling – Brian Keenan

The last of my holiday reads, although probably not the best for a nervous flyer to read on their way home (Trivandrum – Bahrain – Heathrow)…. in fact, I only managed a few chapters before and between flights, and have been steadily albeit slowly working my way through the rest since I’ve been back.

There are a few occasions when the book could have done with a bit more editing – mainly parts where previous views or stories are repeated – but that is an extremely minor niggle as you get the benefit of Brian Keenan’s eloquent prose, as he describes some of the details of the 4 years he was held hostage in Beiruit. He offers his recollections and interpretations of the behaviour of both his fellow hostages and his captors; some humourous, some violent and disturbing, always insightful.

It is amazing true story, and one which few people would want to be able to tell.

You should read it, even if you don’t think you want to. It would be interesting, although unlikely, to read such a first hand account written by someone held in Guantanamo Bay.

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