Blow Fly – Patricia Cornwell

Quite the scariest crime novel I’ve read in a while, so no surprises that I had nightmares last night, even if all the twists and turns take place in the USA. Unlike the other books covering other parts of Kay Scarpetta’s life, she isn’t a central character in this one, which focuses more on the people close to her and her chillingly evil arch enemies.

I’ve missed out on a lot of background developments by skipping straight from Cruel and Unusual to Blow Fly, but that’s because the Barbican library didn’t have any of the ones in between, and I’m not enough of a crime fan to actually buy the books. As and when I see any, either in the library or second hand, I’d definitely pick them up – Patricia Cornwell writes good crime! link: Blow Fly – Patricia Cornwell list: Kay Scarpetta Collection (in order)