Book of the Dead – Patricia Cornwell

The latest Scarpetta novel, and written in a much briefer sentence style which took me a bit of getting used to. The other odd feature which takes some getting used to is Marino’s character change – whilst I don’t think it’s a sudden shift (but I’d need to have read Blow Fly/Trace/Predator more recently to be sure of the gradual build), but this is the first book where he is clearly so unpleasant and bent on destroying his relationship with Kay (and Benton and Lucy).

As one Amazon reviewer put it “Everything is so dark and bleak” – and that applies to the main characters just as much as the criminal storyline, so much so that having only finished the book a few days ago I can’t even remember the plot – just the sadness I felt for the characters I’ve followed for years. link: Book of the Dead – Patricia Cornwell list: Kay Scarpetta Collection (in order)