Heretic – Bernard Cornwell

The third and final installment of The Grail Quest sees English archer Thomas of Hookton once more in France, this time leading a group of archers in the seizing of a fortified Gascon town – a pretext devised by the Earl of Northampton to lure cousin Guy Vexille into the family heartlands and into revealing more about the Vexille treasure…. and the tantalising legend of the Grail.

With seiges and skirmishes in place of battles, Heretic is a classic tale of good versus evil. When Thomas and Robbie both fall for heretic femme fatale, Genevieve, their subseqent falling out threatens to give arch enemy Vexille and ambitious Archbishop Bessieres the upper hand in their respective quests for the Grail and the power it brings…. until the plague starts its deathly advance across Europe…. links: