I don’t know how she does it – Allison Pearson

Loaned to me by Jo, who’d found time to finish reading it whilst I was weekending en famille in Suffolk with TJBR, this is a Good Read for the ladies, particularly those who enjoy the Bridget Jones style storyline – i.e. reads a bit like a diary, lots of self-awareness/self-analysis, fictionalised reality – and who work in the City, or indeed any high pressure environment where male bosses and perspectives predominate, irrespective of any postulated equalitiy, or “diversity” as IDKHSDI describes it.

I read it at every available opportunity, and am thankful that the occasions when I had to laugh (snort) outloud came to pass when I was in the privacy of my own home – unlike the sections which made me cry, which I reached sitting on the 242 to Hackney.

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