Lemprière’s Dictionary – Lawrence Norfolk

Extremely slow start – it took me about half the book to get into the characters and plot, primarily because I found the style irritating with its use of obscure words and classical allusions seeming somewhat show off-y. If I’d not been trekking in Peru with this as one of my two books, I’d have abandoned Lemprière’s Dictionary.

That said, the hints of magical realism, which become stronger as the novel progresses, appealed, as did the pirate crew marauding in the Med in their 80s.

Interesting to read that the title character, John Lemprière, and the Dictionary he wrote, were both real, as indeed was the Honourable East India Company.

Completed in Cusco, just in time to donate to the bookshelves of the Amaru Hostal.

Author’s publication page: Lemprière’s Dictionary – Lawrence Norfolk