9 thoughts on “Memories of The Great and the Good – Alistair Cook”

  1. Unbelievable that the grandmaster of radio journalism, Alstair Cook, had retired. It will take time to come in terms with that, l swear. Bosire

  2. A sad day for me when I read that the quintessential British gentleman had retired from his broadcasting
    routines on the BBC. He is surely missed by many of his American devotees, and this particular one wishes that the BBC would reinstate a repeat broadcast of the ever-young impressions of a dear world-citizen, whose acute observations must -in my opinion – remain
    an everlasting wake-up call for thinking people of all ages, all nationalities and peace-loving citizens of all races and religions.

  3. I came across Alistair Cook some 25 years ago and his quirkey interesting look at life and politics covering the most diverse topics,He was a gent in the full sense of the word.
    He and Letters from America will be sadley missed by me and all of his devoted listeners.
    Heaven will be pleased by his arrival.
    kind regards to all who loved him

  4. a sad lost, it is his anglo-american voice that draw us to hear his voice. As he said” radio is to be heard and not seen”Radio talk is completely lost,it is his,”Good evening” that made me rememdered him.My country is morning but his opening talk I feel like evenong too

  5. i’m a ninety nine year old ‘young’ man born and living in Turkey, there will be no another Mozart and no another Alister Cook in this planet.

  6. Greatly loved for the sidelong glance at life and it’s oddity / unfairness that touched on lifes most difficult situations — then put them in perspective.

  7. I use to listen to the gentleman’s stories and wise talks.It is really vey inspiring and educative.Pls,kindly send me a bound collection of his sayings if it is possible.Pls do so via my email address.
    I will like to see his picture as well.

  8. For PJ: that “best of times” quote is actually from the Editor’s Note in Coook’s book “Letter from America.

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