Nathaniel’s Nutmeg – Giles Milton

Not raring to get my teeth into this one to be honest – it’s a bit too similar to his Samurai William book – late Elizabethan/early Jacobean period, male mariners-explorers-merchants, establishing trade with the East… Not difficult to read, just a bit too dry / familiar in terms of subject matter, especially after Allison Pearson!

Basically it’s the history of the spice trade, the East India Company and mapping of modern day South East Asia, in particular Indonesia and the Phillipines, and draws upon diaries and documents of the time.

I’ve started to I’ll finish. I just hope Battersea Library re-opens soon so that I can get some more varied books out on loan….

…21 July…. FInished it on the train back from Bristol!
Another of Giles Milton’s history tales, but again with a slightly misleading title. This narrative contains only one chapter on Nathaniel Courthope, and what little there is reads awkwardly, the facts not living up to the hype of the book’s title and Giles Milton’s interpretation. With analysis and fact coming from much of the same material as was used in Samurai William, the resulting parallels in the defects of both books shouldn’t surprise. However they do disappoint; and I can’t see myself buying or borrowing Big Chief Elizabeth.

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4 thoughts on “Nathaniel’s Nutmeg – Giles Milton”

  1. I’m reading Nathaniel’s
    Nutmeg for book discussion training
    & can’t find any biographical information
    on him.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I have to read Nathaniel’s Nutmeg as one of my summer reading books, and myself as well as about 50 of my peers all agree it is one of the worst books ever written. It is boring, confusing, plotless, and an outright waste of time!

  3. Good on ya Liz.
    Nice job of helping John out. Makes your email a bit of an “outright waste of time” too. 🙂
    50 of you peers think it’s one of the worst books ever written? hmmm you must have a LOT of VERY well read peers then.
    Anywho – John – I am having similiar problems. I was able to find a list of other books he was written, but that doesn’t really help. I found a pretty good review here which does talk of some of the problems with the book.

  4. help me im reqaly bored with this nutmeg book…i t starts interesting..but after 70 pages i want to commit suicide!!!

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