Prodigal Summer – Barbara Kingsolver

Set in a remote Appalachian Mountain community in the American south, Prodigal Summer tells of relationships and love, for people, plants and animals.

We meet incomer Lusa who finds herself widowed and running a farm, a task for which her expertise in moths leaves her ill equipped, as well as struggling with her husband’s family. Hermit-like forest ranger Deanna finds herself an unexpected lover, and struggles with the threat he poses to the newly returned coyote families growing up in the safety of the mountain forest. Grumpy Garnett pours his love into rescuing the American Chestnut, and battles his pro organic neighbour, Nannie.

Lots of lovely characters, a beautiful setting and wonderful focus on nature and man’s relationship with it. link: Prodigal Summer – Barbara Kingsolver

One thought on “Prodigal Summer – Barbara Kingsolver”

  1. Prodigal Summer, oh what a wonderous read.

    And location, those beautiful mountains.

    The main character, our ranger lady, what an interesting character, and how she ends up!!!

    These characters remind me some of the people in Elizabeth Strout’s books.Another wonderful american writer.

    Mary have you read Strout’s books?? If not please do, I would love to read your thoughts.

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