The Champion – Elizabeth Chadwick

I managed a trip to the Barbican library after work on Friday lunchtime, returning home with a pile of books – a fitting start to the Christmas holidays. I demolished this mediaeval Mills&Boon within 24 hours, mainly due to the fact that I started reading on Saturday evening in the absence of anything decent on the telly, carried on into the wee small hours of Christmas Eve….. eventually finishing the book on the way home from Michael’s evening of food, (mulled) wine and bonhomie in Ladbroke Grove.

Very much along the same lines as The Love Knot, my first Elizabeth Chadwick, and just as enjoyable. The Champion tells the tale of two young lovers, one a runaway monk, the other the unacknowledged grand daughter of the Duke of Stafford, who grow up in the community of the tournament camp in late 12th century France, in the shadow of the Angevin courts of Richard the Lion Heart and Prince/King John and the French and Norman world of King Philippe. Nothing too demanding. link: The Champion – Elizabeth Chadwick