The Evening of the World: A Novel of the Dark Ages – Allan Massie

There’s been a bit of a lull in my keeping my Reading pages up-to-date, initially because we spent Christmas and New Year in the Falkland Islands, where our access to the internet was over dial-up, and subsequently because I’ve been busy/not in the mood since our return. And I’m sure that I would have read something between finishing Crimson Rose at the start of December and our two-day flight out to Mount Pleasant Airport, East Falkland.

Time for a catch-up…..

The Evening of the World: A Novel of the Dark Ages by Allan Massie promised much in the blurb, but proved to be a struggle to complete. I am sure that had I not been flying at 30,000 feet with only one other novel to last me to Patagonia I would have given up. It was too mystical for my taste, and I didn’t click with any of the characters.

One month on, the only elements of the story that I can recall are that it is set at the time when the Roman Empire is on the wane, and that the lead was a Roman nobleman/warrior. At the start of the tale he has a strange encounter in a mysterious forest in Italy, and soon after fights one of the Knights of the Round Table.

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