The Outcast – Sadie Jones

In The Outcast Sadie Jones shows us the lives and lies that lie beneath society’s norms and conventions, and the brutality and despair that can exist behind closed doors and minds.

Set in the repressive suburban world of 1940s and 1950s home counties, we first meet Lewis Aldridge as a young boy when his soldier father returns from the war. We then follow him on the journey into teenage rebellion and self discovery in central London’s jazz joints that follow his mother’s death. Rebellion and repression turns into revolt, and Lewis is sent to prison.

Returning home two years later still struggling with his personal demons, Lewis meets Kit Carmichael, tomboy daughter of the local gentry and together they find hope of redemption and escape.

Not an easy read, but definitely a rewarding one. Don’t let the Richard & Judy recommendation put you off. link: The Outcast – Sadie Jones