Vita Nuova – Magdalen Nabb

Marshal Guarnaccia is spending August unhappily alone in Florence, his family down south in Sicily looking after his sick sister.

Called upon to investigate the murder of Daniela Paoletti, a young woman from a nouveau riche family, in her bedroom at the family villa up in the hills, Guarnaccia finds himself bemused by the strange behaviour of her alcoholic mother, hysterical sister and the Eastern European domestic servants.

A tip off from a local reporter points him in the direction of the hospitalised pater familias, who – it turns out – not only controls his family with an iron first but also a people trafficking operation, a prostitution ring, a local strip club and high class brothel whose high class clientele could potentially bring an end to Guarnaccia’s career in the Carabinieri.

Sadly, Magdalen Nabb‘s last novel. Addio Salvatore. link: Vita Nuova – Magdalen Nabb