Sleeper’s Castle – Barbara Erskine

Sleeper's Castle - Barbara Erskine
Sleeper’s Castle – Barbara Erskine

Loved the historic and geographical setting – Owain Glyndŵr and the Last [Welsh] War of Independence, with much of the plot centred on the Welsh MarchesHay on Wye and the Golden Valley; the interwoven modern, paranormal and psycho killer plot strands, not so much.

I’m still waiting for a historical novel to feature the Cistercian monastery at Dore Abbey. Sleeper’s Castle came close.

I had no idea the Scudamore family had such deep roots in Herefordshire – they received lands there from William the Conqueror, and it was Sir John Scudamore who married Alys Glyndŵr in the early 1400s. They lived at Kentchurch, between Garway Hill and Ewyas Harold, and there’s a possibility that Alys’ father spent his final years in hiding there too.

A nice part of the world in which to live….

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Light – M. John Harrison

Light - M. John Harrison
Light – M. John Harrison

The first in a trilogy that receives rave reviews but, despite the presence of The Shrander and K-Ship captain Seria Mau Genlicher, the ever present male gaze left me a bit cold. I won’t be continuing down the wormhole to read Nova Swing or Empty Space.

I’m still willing to give Climbers a try though, if I ever find a copy in the library…

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