Where Next?


Some UK plans for next year….

Trip No. 1 of 2024: Skomer, Wales

Destination:  Skomer, off the Pembrokeshire coast, Wales. 

When: April 2024

What: Two nights on “Puffin Island” for the Everest Trek Get Together Gang.

How: Organised by Steffi.

Why: Puffins! Manx shearwaters! Razorbills!

Trip No. 2 of 2024: Ballater, Scotland

Destination: Ballater, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

When: May 2024

What: Five nights in Royal Deeside with Catherine and Hazel.

How: Courtesy of Catherine. Currently working out how best to get to/from Aberdeen….

Why: Wine Wednesday On Tour and some walking.

Trip No. 3 of 2024: Walton on the Naze, Essex

Destination: Back to Naze Marine Caravan Park!

When: June 2024

What: A week back in Walton with Phil. 

How: I expect I’ll be driving there and back. We’ve booked 7 nights in a Beam bespoke 1 bedroom an Arun 2 bedroom / 6 berth caravan.

Why: Why not? Hopefully we will get some sunshine to enjoy the beach (and the beach hut), the Naze, a stroll or two to Frinton and back…. and spare bed(s) for guest(s).