Where Next?


None of the trips I’d hoped for back in January are going to happen.

I’ve written off any foreign travel this year, and definitely no big trip – even if we’re vaccinated I can’t imagine Nepal will be, and the prospect of sitting in an aeroplane for 7-10 hours with a transfer in India or Dubai does not appeal. With Europe heading into its Third Wave and post-BREXIT relations already soured, Italy and Spain are highly unlikely. That said, I’ll be happy if we get to the autumn and I’m proved wrong.

Plus we’ve really not explored around here yet, and I really want to see family and friends.

Trip No. 3 of 2021: Essex

Destination: WIV & WON, way over there on the East Coast

When: July 2021

What: A long week based in Wivenhoe courtesy of a house swap. Hoping to fit in a few day trips to Walton on the Naze and a day in WTM and to celebrate two years’ worth of birthdays with Hazel, Catherine and Rach

How: Driving there and back, and the train for WIV-WON

Why: For a low stress holiday by the seaside with family and friends