Where Next?


None of the trips I’d hoped for back in January were going to happen, so it’s been a series of sorties around the UK. Mainly Essex and Pembrokeshire. Nice.


Features three trips bumped from 2020 and 2021. Let’s hope it’s third time lucky. I’m not holding my breath on Nepal…

Trip No. 1 of 2022: St Andrews, Scotland

Destination: St Andrews, Scotland

When: June 2022

What: The long awaited long weekend back at the Alma Mater with the St As Ladies. 

How: We’ve rented a pretty amazing looking house with a garden via Fife Cottages. Hopefully travelling there and back by train – but only if Advance fares materialise. Super Off Peak Return is currently coming in at £262.60….

Why: Nostalgia. 

Trip No. 2 of 2022: Peaks of Ladakh, Northern India  ** New!**

Destination: Ladakh, Northern India

When: July 2022

What: A high altitude trek plus a couple of peaks.

How: Exodus’s Peaks of Ladakh Trek trip.

Why: Val Parkinson’s leading it and I’ve wanted to go back to Ladakh ever since our wonderful Autumn in Ladakh back in 2016, organised by the other/usual-trek Val (Pitkethly) and Rimo Expeditions.

Trip No. 3 of 2022: El Anillo de Picos, Northern Spain

Destination: The Picos de Europa, Northern Spain.

When: September 2022.

What: Steffi, Hazel, Rachel and I head to Northern Spain to walk El Anillo de Picos.

How: With Alfonso Gallego de Lerma who was our excellent guide / leader on Exodus’ Picos de Europa trip Hazel, Steffi and I did in July 2019.

Why: Our 2019 trip introduced us to the mountains of Northern Spain and this time we’ll get to spend a long week in the Picos de Europa proper, hiking in and around the three massifs.

Trip No. 4 of 2022: Kanchenjunga Base Camp(s), Nepal

Destination: Kanchenjunga, Eastern Nepal.

When: October / November 2022 TBC

What: Trekking to one/both of the Kanchenjunga base camps and out again. Route TBC. All Nepal side.

How: With Val, of course.

Why: Hiking high in the big mountains, with old friends.

Let’s hope.