Shadow Baby – Margaret Forster

The twin, time separated tales of Evie and Shona, Leah and Hazel – the former girls who learn that they had been abandoned as babies by the latter, unmarried mothers in times when such things were social suicide. Shadow Baby deals with human emotion, class, social history and shifts in expectations, of society, family and individuals, and underlines that motherly love does not come automatically with giving birth. A really absorbing read. link: Shadow Baby – Margaret Forster

The Memory Box – Margaret Forster

Catherine Musgrave’s mother died when she was 6 months old, leaving her daughter a Memory Box. Thirty years later, as she at last tries to understand the significance of each item her mother put into the box, Catherine discovers that there is more about herself and her family’s relationships than she’d previously allowed herself to appreciate. link: The Memory Box – Margaret Forster