1222 – Anne Holt

Hanne Wilhelmsen, once a detective and Chief Inspector in the Oslo Police force, now wheel chair bound following a shooting that severed her spinal cord, finds herself involved in a train crash high up in the northern mountains at Norway’s highest station, Finse.

With a blizzard raging outside, murder and mystery ensue – who are the four men from the private carriage, and why is the Foreign Secretary so keen to keep their existence a secret?

There have been lots of other changes in Hanne Wilhelmsen’s life too – at least since the end of last novel in the series I’ve read so far – Cecile is no longer around, and Hanne and her new partner Nefis have a daughter, Ida.

Publisher page: 1222 – Anne Holt

Death of the Demon – Anne Holt

Following on from Blessed Are Those Who Thirst (but still not spanning the gap up to The Lion’s Mouth), Chief Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen is slowly settling into her new role when the manager of a foster home is found sat at her desk, stabbed in the back. Olav, the home’s newest arrival, is missing.

It falls to Hanne and her team to investigate.

Publisher page: Death of the Demon – Anne Holt

The Blind Goddess – Anne Holt

With thanks to Miss Peabody Investigates’ 2014 crime fiction highlights (itself the result of my recent rediscovery of the excellent Radio 4 Foreign Bodies series), I have my first encounter with Norway’s grandmother of crime fiction (according to Jo Nesbø) and meet Håkon Sand, Karen Borg and Hanne Wilhelmsen in the first of Holt’s Hanne Wilhelmsen series. Not that we meet Hanne as the main character in this novel, lawyers and lately lovers Hakon and Karen are centre stage for much of the book. Maybe Anne Holt found Hanne more intriguing the more she wrote about her?

An excellent crime novel, begging to be turned into a TV drama to rival The Killing, The Bridge and Borgen. Ah look, it is

Perfect Christmas Eve reading.

Publisher page: The Blind Goddess – Anne Holt